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13. November 2018

VJM continues as UTMB qualifier

Vietnam Jungle Marathon will once again be a UTMB qualifying race this year. VJM2019 runners will receive the following points: 70km = 3 points 42km = 2 points 25km = 1 points We wish you the very best of luck for you...
13. November 2018

UTMB points for VTM

Good news for all Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® (UTMB)  points seekers – Vietnam Trail Marathon is now an official UTMB qualifying race! The points are the following: 70 Km = 3 points 42 Km = 2 points This is not just a ...
30. October 2018

Epic Runs of Oct.2018

30. October 2018

Your Shot (Oct)

30. October 2018

Go to the next level

30. October 2018
Evelyn Lek – Rapid Rise to Ultra Victory

"The longer distance I run, it allows me to enter into that place and explore myself and explore my mind and body on actually how far I can go!"

16. October 2018

Running in the heat

15. September 2018

VMM2018 Ultra Distance Contenders

Ultra distances champions from around the world with be racing on the trails of Sa Pa for the title of 100km champion. Home-grown talent, Nguyen Minh Tuan, Vietnam Jungle Marathon champion, faces extremely strong comp...
30. August 2018
Q and A: Nathalie Cochet

"Running has many benefits including persistence, discipline, and determination to take new challenges."

29. August 2018

Epic Runs of August 2018

29. August 2018

Your Shot (Aug.2018)

22. August 2018

Your Shot (Jan.2018)

22. August 2018

Epic Run of March 2018

22. August 2018

Going Green with Hammer Nutrition Products

At VJM we like to be green not only in colour, but also environmentally. Water at our races has always been served in 20L bottles from which runners must refill. This year we are very pleased to have our electrolyte a...
22. August 2018

Recovery Green Smoothie by La Holista

22. August 2018

Free Entry to Running Academy by CFYC

The running Academy is an open community for all runners, aiming to allow not only California Fitness & Yoga Members but also every Vietnamese person to run faster and injury free by providing expertise, experienc...
18. August 2018

The Superman Feeling at the start line – Tapering for VMM

30. July 2018

Training Tips: Avoiding injury for newbies

29. July 2018

Epic Runs of July 2018

29. July 2018
Q and A – Masami Nakamura

"When I become 70 years old in 2020, I’d like to try the first 70 km in my life on the trail"

27. July 2018

Your Shot (July 2018)

30. June 2018
Q&A with Tieu Phuong Nguyen

"I believe that when you prioritize something, you definitely find your time for it and for me, my priority is the sport."

30. June 2018

Training by Heart Rate – A Beginner’s Guide

29. June 2018

Your Shot (June 2018)

28. June 2018

Epic Run of June 2018

29. May 2018

Running Recipe: Homemade ‘nice cream’, by La Holista

29. May 2018
Q and A – Ambassador Giles Lever

"Trail running requires much stronger quad muscles than road running"

29. May 2018

Training Tips: Learn from experience – Speed up your progress

28. May 2018

Epic Run of May 2018

28. May 2018

VMM long distances sold out!

While our long distance events have sold out, we still have 10km and 15km slots available. You can sign up for those here. We also have some Sapa Packages with accommodation, transport and meals available. If you’d li...
27. May 2018

Your Shot (May 2018)

30. March 2018
Q & A: Trang Hạ – The running writer

"When I move on my feet, the world seems to become more friendly"

29. March 2018

Your Shot (Mar.2018)

28. March 2018

Carb-loading done right

22. March 2018

Training Tips: Training Guidelines for Success

21. March 2018

VMM Charity with Newborns Vietnam

On behalf of VMM runners yesterday Topas Travel and Newborns Vietnam presented oxygen saturation units to the Obstetrics and Newborn Unit at Lao Cai hospital. Newborns Vietnam is currently providing neonatal training ...
28. February 2018
Q & A – Kim Jisub, South Korea’s trail speed machine

"The trail offered a unique opportunity I’ve never experienced before"

28. February 2018

Running Recipe: Pre long run breakfast by La Holista

28. February 2018

Your Shot (Feb.2018)

27. February 2018

Training Tips – Hill Training in the Flatlands

27. February 2018

Epic Run of February 2018

30. January 2018

Epic Run of January 2018

29. January 2018

Training – Developing Trail Speed

29. January 2018

Nutrition – Energy Balls

28. January 2018
Q and A with Kim Matthews

"The first race I won was the first ultramarathon I completed"

14. December 2016
10 Questions with Tran Duy Quang

"VMM 100km is really tough, but very worth the effort. "

16. October 2016
10 Questions with Cao Ngoc Ha

"Before starting full marathon running, I was just a normal person"