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23. October 2019
Q&A with Mads Louring

"I love the solitude and being in the nature where it's quiet. It's a form of medicine for me and it takes my mind off things."

23. October 2019

To pole or not to pole?

22. October 2019
Why do you love ultra mountain running?

"The transcendence! All the feelings you pass through to do it: happiness, excitation, solitude, the physical and psycho pain. "

9. October 2019

VMM Company Cup Winners

Congratulations to team Shopee for winning the first ever VMM Company Distance Cup. The Shopee team ran more kilometers than any other company run club at VMM 2019. The Shopee team not only race together, they train t...
2. October 2019

Vietnam Trail Series 2019 Winners

The first ever Vietnam Trail Series champions were crowned in Sapa following VMM. The winners were Jakob Lundsager & Kari Lundsage (Challenge); Trịnh Nam Hải & Vanja Cnops (Marathon); and Nguyễn Tiến Hùng &...
2. October 2019

VMM2019 Charity

Around US$50k was added to our Vietnam Trail Series charity fundraising at VMM bringing the total to $250,000. VMM funds were split between local projects in Sapa, Newborns Vietnam and Operation Smile.
23. September 2019

Vietnamese runner won two consecutive VMM 100k races

The winner of the men’s 100k was Nguyen Tien Hung of Vietnam who finished in a total time of 14:33:45. Hung broke his record of last year (14:45:44) and became the first runner to win two consecutive VMM 100k races. T...
9. September 2019

How to choose the best trail running shoes

Cushioning/Cushioned With the main function is to minimize the injury, increase the responsiveness and optimize the comfort of many innovative cushioning technologies which suitable with the runner demands Traction Tr...
3. September 2019

VMM Shop

The VMM shop will be back this year, with running T shirts, singlet, buff, caps, bamboo refillables, mugs and more. Visit the VMM shop at bib collection in Sapa on the Friday and Sunday of race weekend and also at the...
3. September 2019

The rise of the Vietnamese ultra runner

A recent article on Saigoneer takes a look at the rapid rise of home-grown talent here in Vietnam, a nation which until recently had no ultra trail runners but now sees the podiums filled with Vietnam’s talent. An ext...
22. August 2019

Topas Charity Tops US$250,000

The total amount raised via the Vietnam Trail Series has recently gone over US$250,000! Funds have been used for many local projects along our race courses, alongside national charities including Newborns Vietnam and ...
20. August 2019
Francesca Canepa, UTMB Champ

"I highly recommend not to follow anybody else and just stay tuned in to your own feelings and inspirations."

20. August 2019

8 Trail Running Tips

This month multiple Vietnam Trail Series podium finisher and potential VTS 2019 Champion Quang Nguyen brings you advice on how to become a better trail runner. 1.About 80% of your running week should be easy runs. Run...
17. July 2019

Stretching for performance and injury prevention

16. July 2019

Drowning prevention

In Vietnam over 2,000 children drown every year – more than any other country in South East Asia. The drowning rate in Thanh Hoa is higher than many provinces in Vietnam. The latest statistics available from the Minis...
16. July 2019

Company Cup Challenges

Join Vietnam’s toughest outdoor events as a corporate team and compete with other companies in our two Company Cup Challenges. Distance Challenge Cup The winner of the Distance Challenge Cup will be the team with the ...
28. June 2019

Everesting Vietnam

27. June 2019

VJM supports Operation Smile

Funds from Vietnam Jungle Marathon 2019 were recently used to support the June mission of Operation Smile Vietnam which has brought smiles to about 113 patients out of 201 screened patients including 42 from Thanh Hoa...
26. June 2019

Learning from a DNF – Coming Back Stronger

26. June 2019
Q & A – Multiple Champion, Fredelyn Alberto

"Running helps people respect each other, no matter what their status."

3. June 2019

VMM2019 for Saturday sold out.

All VMM run only slots for Saturday are sold out. We still have a very limited number of slots including Topas Ecolodge or Sapa Hotels. Sunday’s 10k, 15k and 21k still have slots available. Book here.
29. May 2019

VJM Charity with Operation Smile

VJM2019 raised VND 317,515,000 for Operation Smile Vietnam. With this money 31 children from Thanh Hoa Province will have life changing surgery in Hanoi in June. More news of the operations will follow soon. Thank you...
29. May 2019

VJM – Battle of Champions

On Saturday 25 May runners from 46 nations raced distances up to 70km at the third edition of Vietnam Jungle Marathon. It was a magnificent day for the jungle battle of champions and also a day of triumph for less exp...
29. May 2019

Ultra Wedding Proposal

“Will you marry me?”…… “YES!” Here’s the magic moment of the VJM marriage proposal! Congratulations to the great couple again from Team Topas!
21. May 2019

VJM2019 Contenders

In the men’s 70km distance race, The winner and second place runners of VMM 100k 2018, Nguyen Tien Hung (Vietnam) and Hisashi Kitamura (Japan) will be facing off again at VJM. Hung is a hot favourite for any race he e...
21. May 2019

VTS race packs go green

Step one in our greenest ever race pack: your t shirts are NOT individually wrapped in plastic packs. Great to work with Gac Ba on this green initiative. Step two: race kit bags are made from corn starch which is biod...
23. April 2019

Topas Supports Newborns Run

Topas Team together with VMM veteran Quang Nguyen, VMM MC Thuy Dung, ‘Marathon Photographer’ Hieu Nguyen, the Running Journalist Dat Nguyen plus our partner California Fitness & Yoga Centers Vietnamhelped organise...
23. April 2019

Common training mistakes

22. April 2019
Q & A with Henrik Leth Jørgensen

"Ultrarunning and adventure racing is largely a mental challenge."

22. April 2019
Q & A with Aroonnapa Panichjaroon


1. April 2019

VJM goes 260km!

Vietnam Jungle Marathon will add the mega distance 260km trail this year. Only 26 people can enter. Registration opens APRIL 1 Register here Those who want something a little shorter can also now opt for the new 10k d...
1. April 2019

Strava Club winner announcement

The results of the March VTS Strava Club Challenge are in and the winner is from right here in Vietnam! Tran Toan clocked an incredible 646 km in the four weeks of the challenge. He wins a free entry to the Vietnam Tr...
28. March 2019

UTMB Winner to light up VMM

Arguably the world’s best ultra trail runner, 2018 UTMB champion Francesca Canepa will join the Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2019. Following her victory in the world championship of trail running, UTMB, Francesca Canepa ...
28. March 2019

Runner’s Strength training with California Fitness

27. March 2019

Strava Club Challenge update

The Vietnam Trail Series Strava Club challenge will finish on March 31 with the person clocking the most KMs winning a free slot for VJM 2019, VMM 2019 or VTM 2020. We have almost 1,100 VTS Strava Club members now. Go...
26. March 2019

Newborns Vietnam at Garmin Run Hanoi by Topas

On 24 Mar 2019, Newborns had a team of neonatal medical staff including six nurses who ran their first 5 km at Garmin Run Hanoi by Topas.  These nurses are studying on the new Newborns course at VNCH taught by Edinbur...
21. March 2019

New Race! VJM 10km

BIG NEWS! VJM now has a 10k! Just 200 slots, so sign up fast! 100 run only, 100 package places available now. 100 run slots at $69 100 special package slots at $169 ($20 discount) Package includes: Run + Travel to/fro...
27. February 2019

Planting season – Pu Luong

27. February 2019

Three Top Tips for Ultra Success

27. February 2019
Q & A: Moritz auf der Heide

"I just loved the nature, the food and the people in Vietnam, so it is a must to come back!"

27. February 2019

Newborns Vietnam signs landmark agreement

VMM charity partner Newborns Vietnam has signed a new five-year agreement with the Hanoi Department of Health, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital (OBGY), Vietnam National Children’s Hospital (VNCH), St Paul Hos...
27. February 2019

Strava Club Challenge

March sees the first Vietnam Trail Series Strava Club Challenge. The rules are simple: The person with the most kilometers in March wins a VTS race entry. Challenge Time: Mar 4 – Mar 31 March is a great time for...
19. February 2019

VMM continues as UTMB qualifier

Vietnam Mountain Marathon will once again be a UTMB qualifying race this year. VMM2019 runners will receive the following points: 100km = 4 points 70km = 3 points 42km = 2 points We wish you the very best of luck for ...
30. January 2019

VTM2019 ’s Results: 1,900 runners conquer trails of beautiful Moc Chau

On 19 Jan 2019 almost 1,900 runners from 39 nations, including Miss Vietnam 1994 Thu Thuy, Triple7Quest Chau Smith, musician Huy Tuan and Vietnam ‘s top ultra runners raced distances up to 70km in the first edition of...
28. January 2019

VTS Points and Rules

VTM is part of our Vietnam Trail Series together with VJM and VMM. Runners get points for these races and at the end of the year at VMM we will crown our VTS Champions in the ultra, marathon and challenge categories. ...
10. January 2019
Q&A: Chau Smith

"Be reasonable with what you think you can accomplish.  Start with the shorter runs and work up to longer ones. "

9. January 2019

VTM2019 70km Men Contenders

At VTM 2019, two of Vietnam’s best ultra runners, Tran Duy Quang and Cao Ngoc Ha, will go head to head for the first time on trail since VMM 2017 when Quang became VMM 100k champion. Prior to that, Ha won the in...
25. December 2018

Butterfly river

25. December 2018

Get Ready for Race Day

25. December 2018
Ultra Champion, Jo Meek

"A beautiful trail does not become a race without some very dedicated and organised people who are willing to put the event on. "

14. December 2018

Elite Fitness partners with VTM

We are proud to welcome Elite Fitness as Official Fitness Partner for Vietnam Trail Marathon 2019. Founded in 2010, Elite Fitness – an international standard fitness chain led by BIM Group – has opened 15 ...
11. December 2018

100 Newborns KM in Torrential Rain

Over the weekend, Danang’s Huy Doan, a VMM finisher, attempted his Kiss Ultra 200 challenge, a 200km run to raise fund for Newborns Vietnam. He started at 8am on Saturday and aimed to finish on the Sunday. About 100 r...
4. December 2018

New VMM Video launches early bird

VMM 2019 EARLY BIRD now OPEN! Join us for 10|15|21|42|70|100k. New trails added for 2019.
28. November 2018

VMM routes updated

VMM 2019 will have lots of new trail sections from CP3 to CP7 and we are very happy with the beautiful new routes we’ve set. You can look forward to more trail, more elevation, more stunning views… and more painful mu...
28. November 2018

Running Academy

With the goal of connecting runners of all levels, Running Academy offers sessions every Saturday morning from 8am to 11am at UFC GYM, 3rd Floor, Thao Dien Pearl, 12 Quoc Huong Street, District 2. At Running Academy, ...
28. November 2018

Runner’s Knee (Patellofemoral Pain)

28. November 2018

Your Shot (Nov.2018)

28. November 2018

Nguyen Viet Hoa Runs South East Asia

28. November 2018

Get faster with Strava

28. November 2018
Q and A: Nguyen Tien Hung, VMM 100km Champ

"Preparation and listening to your body are key for all runners, not only for running 100km but even 5km; "

27. November 2018

VTM Almost Sold Out

We are happy to announce that following some large group bookings Vietnam Trail Marathon is now almost sold out! We have a small number of number of run only slots available and a very limited number of run + hotel pa...
15. November 2018

VMM to go higher in 2019

VMM 2019 will have new sections for 100km, 70km, 42km and 21km runners. Those running 42km or more should prepare to run higher than ever before in Vietnam!
13. November 2018

VJM continues as UTMB qualifier

Vietnam Jungle Marathon will once again be a UTMB qualifying race this year. VJM2019 runners will receive the following points: 70km = 3 points 55km = 2 points 42km = 2 points 25km = 1 points We wish you the very best...
13. November 2018

UTMB points for VTM

Good news for all Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® (UTMB)  points seekers – Vietnam Trail Marathon is now an official UTMB qualifying race! The points are the following: 70 Km = 3 points 42 Km = 2 points This is not just a ...
30. October 2018

Double Century

30. October 2018

Your Shot (Oct)

30. October 2018

Go to the next level

30. October 2018
Evelyn Lek – Rapid Rise to Ultra Victory

"The longer distance I run, it allows me to enter into that place and explore myself and explore my mind and body on actually how far I can go!"

16. October 2018

Running in the heat

26. September 2018

VMM18 supports Newborns and Sapa causes

Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2018 raised more than VND846.000.000 ($US36,700) directly from runners to support Newborns Vietnam and local projects around the Sapa VMM route. Thank you to all the runners who made it happen!
20. September 2018

VMM Supports Newborns Vietnam!

  Funds from VMM2017 were recently used to fund the Neonatal Care and Resuscitation Training Programme in Lao Cai Obstetrics and NewbornsUnit. Funds from #VMM2018 will continue to make life-saving work possible! ...
15. September 2018

VMM2018 Ultra Distance Contenders

Ultra distances champions from around the world with be racing on the trails of Sa Pa for the title of 100km champion. Home-grown talent, Nguyen Minh Tuan, Vietnam Jungle Marathon champion, faces extremely strong comp...
30. August 2018
Q and A: Nathalie Cochet

"Running has many benefits including persistence, discipline, and determination to take new challenges."

29. August 2018

14 hour loop challenge

29. August 2018

Your Shot (Aug.2018)

22. August 2018

Your Shot (Jan.2018)

22. August 2018

Giles Lever’s 50 for 50

22. August 2018

Going Green with Hammer Nutrition Products

At VJM we like to be green not only in colour, but also environmentally. Water at our races has always been served in 20L bottles from which runners must refill. This year we are very pleased to have our electrolyte a...
22. August 2018

Recovery Green Smoothie by La Holista

22. August 2018

Free Entry to Running Academy by CFYC

The running Academy is an open community for all runners, aiming to allow not only California Fitness & Yoga Members but also every Vietnamese person to run faster and injury free by providing expertise, experienc...
18. August 2018

The Superman Feeling at the start line – Tapering for VMM

30. July 2018

Avoiding injury for newbies

29. July 2018

Tuning up for VMM

29. July 2018
Q and A – Masami Nakamura

"When I become 70 years old in 2020, I’d like to try the first 70 km in my life on the trail"

27. July 2018

Your Shot (July 2018)

30. June 2018
Q&A with Tieu Phuong Nguyen

"I believe that when you prioritize something, you definitely find your time for it and for me, my priority is the sport."

30. June 2018

Training by Heart Rate – A Beginner’s Guide

29. June 2018

Your Shot (June 2018)

28. June 2018

Ecopark Running by Night

29. May 2018

Running Recipe: Homemade ‘nice cream’, by La Holista

29. May 2018
Q and A – Ambassador Giles Lever

"Trail running requires much stronger quad muscles than road running"

29. May 2018

Learn from experience – Speed up your progress

28. May 2018

Son Tra Sundown

28. May 2018

VMM long distances sold out!

While our long distance events have sold out, we still have 10km and 15km slots available. You can sign up for those here. We also have some Sapa Packages with accommodation, transport and meals available. If you’d li...
27. May 2018

Your Shot (May 2018)

30. March 2018
Q & A: Trang Hạ – The running writer

"When I move on my feet, the world seems to become more friendly"

29. March 2018

Your Shot (Mar.2018)

28. March 2018

Carb-loading done right

22. March 2018

Training Guidelines for Success

21. March 2018

VMM Charity with Newborns Vietnam

On behalf of VMM runners yesterday Topas Travel and Newborns Vietnam presented oxygen saturation units to the Obstetrics and Newborn Unit at Lao Cai hospital. Newborns Vietnam is currently providing neonatal training ...
15. March 2018

70 Operation Smile surgeries funded

Topas Travel ‘s staff joined the mission to bring smiles to about 70 patients with Operation Smile Vietnam, organized on 12 – 16 March 2018 at Vietnam Cuba Hospital, Ha Noi. It’s the result of nearly 70 Operation Smil...
28. February 2018
Q & A – Kim Jisub, South Korea’s trail speed machine

"The trail offered a unique opportunity I’ve never experienced before"

28. February 2018

Running Recipe: Pre long run breakfast by La Holista

28. February 2018

Your Shot (Feb.2018)

27. February 2018

Training Tips – Hill Training in the Flatlands

27. February 2018

Strava Art from Japan

30. January 2018

Ha’s Hanoi back-to-back

29. January 2018

Training – Developing Trail Speed

29. January 2018

Nutrition – Energy Balls

28. January 2018
Q and A with Kim Matthews

"Remember to enjoy the experience, because no doubt you will meet wonderful people and be surrounded by incredible scenes that will stay with you for a lifetime!"

27. November 2017

Great news from Operation Smile!

During VMM 2017 Operation Smile‘s Huong Giang met a young H’mong boy in Sapa town who was in need of facial surgery. Topas Travel’s staff then worked with Operation Smile to bring the boy and his fam...
26. June 2017

VMBM wheelchairs presented

Great news! Today we presented 15 wheelchairs bought with funds from VMBM and Topas Travel to people who live near our race routes. We worked with the Red Cross to identify people in need. Thank you again to all the r...
14. December 2016
10 Questions with Tran Duy Quang

"VMM 100km is really tough, but very worth the effort. "

16. October 2016
10 Questions with Cao Ngoc Ha

"Before starting full marathon running, I was just a normal person"