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Strava Art from Japan

Each month we select a run (not a race) from within the VMM and VJM Strava Club which is epic in terms of distance, elevation or both.

This month the Strava club has been loaded with hugely impressive runs. Our own Simon Grimstrup racked up 6,664m, of elevation gain in one week while @ムラムラ tkhk gained almost 6,000m during the same seven day period.  He also ran an Epic 47km with over 2,000m, of gain to produce this amazing Strava Art!

Another huge effort was Kiat Wong’s 49km, 1737m, 10 hour session including Kokol summit.

Lastly, after last month’s multiple lake lap route from Cao Ngoc Ha, his fellow Hanoi runner Tam Le Trung clocked a frankly insane 55 lake laps to total 55km around Cau Giay Park in 4:40:07!

Kudos one and all!


Have you done an epic run or know someone who has? Send an email to info@vietnamjunglemarathon.com and let us know.  

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