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Lockdown Ultra Art

During the lockdown, some runners who have been unable to do their usual miles have turned to other forms of expression. Multiple Vietnam Trail Series champ, Quang Tran, is one of them. His paintings about trail running have recently drawn lots of praise from his fellow runners. Here, we present a few of his works and Quang talks about his painting in his own words.

Quang winning his first VMM 100k

When I was at university, I shared a house with some fine art students, so my interest in art and drawing was formed back then. Around a month ago I was inspired by a friend who auctioned a painting by a famous artist to support a charity. So, the next day I asked to borrow a kit from a friend, who is also a Vietnam Trail Series runner, so I could try painting.

Since then, I have been painting continuously for 10-12 hours a day. I learnt how to draw and  how to colour from Youtube and also from my friend.

With a special love for trail running, I have embedded my feelings for the sport in each of my paintings.

I hope the covid pandemic will end soon, so that I can be back to the trails and run on my feet. If this continues, I am afraid I am too addicted to drawing and I may even forget to run!

“Run free”

“The rise of ultra trail running”



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