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IMSports x HOKA proud to be the official partner of Topas Vietnam Trail series 2024

Paid partnership with IMSports and HOKA

IMSports – All for running is widely recognized as a well-established and esteemed retail system, distinguished for offering authentic products to the road and trail running community.

10-IMSports team

At IMSports, most of our staff are passionate runners with many years of experience in both road running and trail running. They have directly experienced our many products through training and racing.  

Because if their direct testing of our products, they have the knowledge to offer comprehensive consultations for customers, whether they are beginners or experienced runners.  

Recommendations for trail running gear for VTM runners

HOKA Trail Running Shoes

HOKA trail shoes are famous for their lightweight design, excellent traction, and most importantly their comfort, making them suitable for various terrains in Vietnam.

As the authorized retailer for HOKA in Vietnam, IMSports consistently introduces the latest and finest shoe models to its collection.

Moreover, the HOKA x IMSports booth at the VTM Expo will feature a diverse range of trail running shoes to serve the wide needs of runners.

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Trail Running Apparel

At IMSports we stock a wide variety of apparel options from top trail and ultra running brands. From top to toe, our experienced team can help you choose the right items for you.  


Whether you are looking for shorts, tights, tops or jackets, our team is ready to help you make the right choice.  


Hydration Vests

IMSports offers a range of hydration vests designed to cater to runners of various distances, spanning from short (3-liter capacity) to ultra-long (24-liter capacity).

Our team can help you decide on the right vest for you. Factors to consider include weight, capacity and comfort. If you visit our store or VTM Expo booth, our team can help you make the right choice for your body shape, size and chosen distance goals. You can also chat with us online if you would like help deciding between the different options.

Trail Running Poles

We stock both aluminum and carbon poles from top international brands. Our team can not only help you choose the right pole for your height and budget, we can advise you on how to run with the poles if you are new to using them.  

Many runners like to stow their poles away on flatter sections when they do not need them – knowing the best way to store your poles easily can help improve your race experience. Our experienced team can help you learn how to do this depending on your chosen running vest or belt. 

Many Accessories to Help You Achieve Your Goals

IMSports offers countless trail running accessories, including trail running caps that are lightweight, quick-drying and breathable. We also offer specific trail running sunglasses to protect you from the sun.

We also offer a range of trail running specific socks. Many runners spend a lot of time thinking about their shoe choice, but neglect their sock choice. However, the sock is a very important factor in making your trail experience enjoyable and successful. Our store carries a variety of socks, including double layer blister reducing models. We’re happy to help guide you on what is available.

Mũ chạy trail với đặc tính nhẹ, khô nhanh thoáng khí, tiêu chuẩn chống năng cao, vật liệu tái chế của Fractel, Buff. Kính chạy trail giúp chống nắng KnockAround, 100percent. Bó calf hay tất bó cơ ProCompression. Tất chạy trail 2 lớp chống blister của 1000mile.

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We could write a whole article on trail nutrition! It can be hard for runners, especially newbies, to decide on what they need for a specific race. Our team can help you with this, using their race experience to guide you on what you’ll need for your big day.

At IMSports we carry a wide variety of options from different international brands. We offer everything from gels and bars to powdered nutrition you can mix with water and store in your flasks or bottles. Talk to us about what is available and the best combination for your race day needs.

Trail Running Outfits Recommendations
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