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14 hour loop challenge

Each month we select runs (not races) from our Strava Club which are epic in terms of distance, elevation or both.

This month, VMM2018 100k runner, Yen Vu, completed her 14 ½ hour running challenge with 100km around Hanoi including 45 loops around Hoan Kiem Lake! This was a training session for VMM 100km and also for Uprace, a charity run initiative in aid of VMM charity partner, Newborns Vietnam.

About 40 of her friends in the Heo Đất Team in Hanoi came along to run in support. Some of them completed about 60km, including  Toan Vu and Viet Nguyen Tien while many others did more than 50km. Just only one week after Uprace had started, their running team had already achieved  22,810.6 Km with more than 574 runners.

Meanwhile, over in Thailand Aleksis Capili knocked out some very serious hill repeats in a run he called ‘Cultivate your grit’ clocking up over 3,500m with 4 reps of Kaoh Laem – big respect!

Last week’s Strava Club leaders

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