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Nutrition with Christian – Immune Boosting Super Bowl

Welcome to our new nutrition section from Topas Executive Chef, Christian Milling. This month he brings you his Immune Boosting Super Bowl – something he thought everybody would appreciate in this time of increased focus on maintaining a healthy body.


Chef Christian hails from Denmark where he first trained at the 5 star Ruths Hotel. His resume includes Spanish, French and Nordic cuisines, plus organic farm-to-table. 


Since 2019 he has been creating dishes at Topas Ecolodge and Topas Riverside Lodge. At the lodge, alongside leading the kitchen, he manages a garden where he grows a variety of seasonal organic vegetables. He also works with the farmers nearby who besides growing vegetables and rice, also raise free range pigs and chickens, ensuring the kitchens have the very best locally available produce.


                    Chef Christian tending to his organic vegetable garden

I love being a chef in the mountains in the far north of Vietnam because before I spent two years in Saigon, a city with over 10 million people. So, being back at one with the nature at Topas really took me back to my roots; Here, I can follow the process of all my ingredients,  literally from seed to harvest, from egg to full grown chicken.  Having this privilege gives one much more respect for each ingredient and challenges you to use every bit of it,” says Christian.


Christian shopping for local produce at the market


In the coming issues of Topas Trail News, Christian will bring you inspiration for your home kitchen. His recipes focus on healthy, local, fresh ingredients, thus making them ideal for the lifestyles of our mountain trail runners. 


Immune Boosting Super Bowl


Ingredients – smoothie:

– 5dl. Greek yoghurt
– 2dl. Spinach (Juiced)
– 1tbs. Ginger (Juiced)
– 1ts. Turmeric (Juiced)
– 1pc. Banana
– 1tbs. Lime juice
– 2tbs. Honey

Ingredients – topping:

– 2 tbs. Almonds with skin
– 1pc. Handful pomelo flesh
– 2tbs. Sunflower seeds


  1. Juice spinach, ginger, turmeric and lime
  2. On a dry pan,  give almonds and sunflower seeds a quick roast 
  3. In a blender, add everything and blend for 1min until combined
  4. Transfer the smoothie mix into bowls and add the topping


Topas Ecolodge, where Christian is Executive Chef