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2019 In Strava Club Numbers

Some members of the Vietnam Trail Series Strava Club posted some very impressive annual stats – here we take a look at the mileage and gain of some of our champs. What did you run in 2019 and what are your plans for 2020?

As the year draws to a close Strava addicts like to reflect on their Year in Sport stats. How many KMs were run? How many meters were climbed? How many hours were active?

We took a look at some of our well known runners from the VTS Strava Club to see what podium runners clocked throughout 2019. 


Jcy Ho

What did it take for Jcy to get onto multiple podiums including Vietnam Mountain Marathon in 2019? Almost 3000km of running over 450hours with a total gain of 112,553m!

Hung Hai

For those dreaming of becoming 100km VMM champ, it takes more than natural ability as evidenced by the massive training of Hung Hai. 4,414kms of running with a surprisingly low amount of gain involved for a mountain running champ at 30,679m.

Vanja Cnops

One of our Vietnam Trail Series Champions for 2019, Vanja Cnops is also in the VTS Strava Club and she racked up a total distance of 2,213.5km with over 60,000m of gain. We know from the recent Q and A with Vanja that the vast majority of these miles will have been on the dirt, not road, so perhaps they count for more?!

Quang Tran

Vietnam Trail Marathon 2019 champ and previous Vietnam Mountain Marathon 100km winner Quang Tran is another of our Strava Club members. His 2019 saw him knock out almost 2000km of running and 38,048m of gain. Quang will be back to race VTM 2020 to kick off the new decade – will it be with a win?

What are your running plans for 2020? Join our Strava Club and get motivation from your fellow ultra runners.