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6 Top 100 Mile Ultra Tips from Jean

Jean Haniquaut is a French ultra-runner and lover of mountains and outdoors activities. After 10 years of rock climbing, he discovered trail running and fell in love. He’s finished six 100 mile races in Europe. His favourite race was L’Echappée Belle in the French Alps and his toughest race was La Ronda Del Cims, which included a lot of hallucinations during the second night! Here he shares his top tips for the Vietnam Mountain Marathon 100 Miles


  • The week before is very important for you to try to accumulate as much sleep as you can. You will spend at least 1 night running so you need to start the race very recharged. Try to go to sleep earlier and if you can and take some naps during the 4-5 days before the race.


  • During the race don’t hesitate to take a nap of 15 mins if you need it! You will be more efficient after that. Don’t try to push your body too far, you’ll pay for it after.


  • You will have some very good moments and some very bad moments. During both, the risk is to forget to eat or drink. In order to avoid this, I set a frequency of 15 min to drink and 30 min to eat.


  • Always keep in mind you are running for pleasure. You’ll have some difficult moments on a long race, try to enjoy the moment, take time to enjoy the scenic views and enjoy the ‘me-time’ to reflect.


  • During the race, if you have something hurting you in your shoes, or with your backpack, or anywhere else, take the time to remove or fix it immediately, don’t wait to be at the next aid station.


  • Start easy. 100 miles is a very long race, I usually say the race really starts after 100k. 

During this first 60-100k I always keep this in mind and I keep a low pace. 

I constantly repeat in my head that I will accelerate after 100k…. this never happens, but at least I preserve my body during the first part of the race!

The 100 Mile Finish Line – Start dreaming about it now!