Topas Explorer Group

Vietnam Trail Series is a part of Topas Explorer Group, a leading travel conglomerate specializing in adventure, culture, and nature-based experiences. Comprising various subsidiaries and brands, the group offers a diverse range of travel options, from Arctic expeditions to Southeast Asian adventures. Their commitment to enriching journeys makes them a premier choice for adventurous travelers.


Topas Travel

Topas Travel is known for crafting exceptional adventure experiences around the world. With a focus on immersive cultural encounters, outdoor adventures, and sustainable tourism, Topas Travel has earned a reputation for providing unforgettable journeys that connect travelers with diverse landscapes and cultures.

Greenland by Topas

Greenland by Topas offers taylor-made package travels a gateway to the mesmerizing Arctic wilderness.  Offering unforgettable experiences like hiking amid colossal icebergs, wildlife encounters, and cultural interactions, and a commitment to sustainable tourism and local engagement ensures that travelers explore Greenland’s pristine beauty responsibly and authentically.

Vietnam by Topas

Vietnam by Topas provides international as well as danish travelers with tailor-made package journeys to explore the vibrant landscapes and rich culture of Vietnam. With an emphasis on customization, they craft unique itineraries that cater to individual preferences. This personalized approach ensures that every traveler experiences Vietnam in a way that resonates with them.


Disko Line and Disko Line Explorer

Disko Line and Disko Line Explorer are renowned expedition companies specializing in Arctic adventures in Greenland. Disko Line offers scenic boat tours through Greenland’s majestic ice-filled waters, providing an up-close encounter with awe-inspiring icebergs and marine life. Disko Line Explorer, in collaboration with Topas Travel, offers thrilling excursions to explore the Arctic wilderness, showcasing the region’s unique landscapes, wildlife, and cultural heritage. Their expert-guided expeditions provide travelers with an unforgettable glimpse of Greenland’s pristine beauty.

Nuuk Water Taxi

Nuuk Water Taxi is a premier maritime transport service in Greenland’s capital, Nuuk. It offers travelers a unique and convenient way to explore the stunning coastline, remote settlements, and nearby attractions of Nuuk Fjord. With comfortable vessels and experienced captains, Nuuk Water Taxi provides an unforgettable way to experience Greenland’s natural beauty.


Hotel Icefiord, nestled in Ilulissat, Greenland, is a picturesque retreat offering stunning views of towering icebergs. With comfortable accommodations and warm hospitality, it’s an ideal base for Arctic exploration, allowing guests to witness the wonders of Disko Bay.

Hotel Disko Island, located on the scenic Disko Island, is a charming accommodation known for its friendly hosts. Surrounded by pristine nature, it’s perfect for hikers and nature enthusiasts seeking adventure in Greenland’s rugged wilderness.

Hotel Diskobay, also in Ilulissat, offers a cozy atmosphere and modern amenities. It’s an excellent choice for travelers wanting to experience the beauty of Disko Bay while enjoying comfort and convenience.


Topas Travel Vietnam

Topas Travel Vietnam is a trusted travel agency with local expertise in Vietnam. They offer a wide range of immersive experiences, from cultural encounters to outdoor adventures. With offices in Hanoi and Sapa, they provide travelers with personalized itineraries and exceptional service, ensuring memorable journeys throughout Vietnam.

Topas Ecolodge

Topas Ecolodge is a sustainable eco-resort nestled in the lush mountains of Vietnam. Known for its breathtaking natural surroundings and eco-friendly practices, it offers guests a tranquil retreat. With a focus on responsible tourism and unique cultural experiences, Topas Ecolodge provides an authentic and environmentally conscious stay in the heart of nature.

Topas Riverside Lodge

Topas Riverside Lodge, located in Nam Cang, Vietnam, offers a unique cultural and nature-based experience. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, it’s an ideal retreat for travelers seeking tranquility and adventure. Guests can explore the scenic region, interact with local communities, and enjoy authentic Vietnamese hospitality in this serene riverside setting.