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Topas funded charitable projects around Nam Cang

Since 2015, more than $32,550 has been donated to fund to various charitable projects around the Nam Cang area.

Over the last six years, Topas has implemented more than 10 projects for the benefit of local communities around the land of VMM Nam Cang.

These mainly focus on education; projects include building new classrooms, a playground and a boarding house. Other non-education projects include the construction of a bridge, making it safe for both runners and locals to cross in times of high water.

Below you can see some photographs of some of the main projects that have been funded and managed by Topas.

  Two classrooms and a playground built for Nam Than School (completed in Dec 2015)


Nam Cang School’s Boarding House, funded by Topas (completed in Dec 2016)

New school project, Nam Lang B School, managed by Topas in 2021

New bridge built to make safe for locals and runners alike when water levels rise  (completed in July 2020)


Nam Than Water Tank was funded by Topas (completed in Dec 2016)

Furthermore, true to Topas’s commitment to a cleaner environment, we have also funded projects such as adding bins in Nam Cang village and raising awareness about their use.

Six refuse Bins built in Nam Cang village (completed in Jan 2018)