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VMM Route Updates

VMM 2021 will feature new routes and more trail, with the most significant updates in the first 30k of the 100k route and also the 42k route. 

Last year we made significant updates to the final 42k of our 100km course and the feedback on the new sections was excellent. 

Cow Mountain – a new section for 42km to 100km  updated from VMM 2020

Since then, we have been out on the mountains seeking out new routes for the 100k course  alongside adding in the extra trails for the 100 miles. 

New trail sections for VMM 100 miles

We pooled our local knowledge and made plans for inspection trips, but those initial research days were disappointing – we hit concrete in areas we never dreamed we would find it!  

We went back to the drawing board, we persisted and ultimately, we found gold in the hills. 

We will write more on the 100 mile course later. The 100k course sees the most significant updates in the first 30km – an area we specifically wanted to upgrade in terms of the percentage of trail. Now it is around 80% trail, which means it’s harder – in fact, if the weather is wet, we’re not sure 100km runners are going to thank us for these changes!  The start section of the 42k will also be updated with more trail and more magnificent views. 

Some photos of some of Team Topas out on the hills (and behind the laptop!) getting VMM ready:


Our Race Director David Lloyd on the new course of 100 Miles

The Team behind the laptop

Hùng, Our Head of Checkpoints


Kiên on the new trail inspections


Registration is open now for VMM 2021 – we hope to see you on the new and improved Trails of Sapa!