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Blind runner on VMM trail

This month we have selected many VMM photos, but the story of blind runner, Hock Bee Ong, is our featured story. Here it is in his own words:

I am a blind runner, with zero light perception; but I wish to share with everyone here, it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to do mountain trail run, even without sight at all. The following are the ‘ingredients’ necessary to make a mountain trail run possible for a blind person:

1) A willing guide runner (or 2 will be best)

2) lots of practice runs (preferably trail too)


I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to my (two) guides who took me through the whole 21km during the VMM… Phil Lee who cleared the way for me by running slightly ahead of me and Raymond who ran just behind me to make sure of my safety. Two of them sacrificed their own race in order that it was possible for me to participate (they paid for their own race in full but didn’t get to run their own race at all). I wish to tell the rest of my story by sharing the following photos…”

We also have found a huge number VMM 2018 photos following #vmm2018 and #vietnammountainmarathon. These photos sum up the VMM running journey and the beauty of trail races despite their tough nature!




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