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VTM Saving Lives with Newborns Vietnam

Over the Vietnam Trail Marathon weekend, Newborns Vietnam and Son La Department of Health signed a three-year partnership with Son La Province General Hospital, Moc Chau General Hospital and Thao Nguyen General Hospital. These programs, along with lifesaving equipment to reduce newborn deaths, are the result of the partnership started via Vietnam Trail Marathon (VTM) in 2019. 

Vietnam Trail Marathon has now allocated US$90,000 to training and Life Saving Equipment to Moc Chau Hospitals via Newborns Vietnam. This partnership began in 2019 and has previously seen equipment donated and training provided to Moc Chau General Hospital

According to Suzanna, Executive Director of Newborns Vietnam, the newborn mortality rate in Son La is 7 times higher than in Ho Chi Minh City.  

Determined to reduce this number, Newborns Vietnam will provide a package of training that includes Early Essential Newborn Care, with skin to skin at birth, early breastfeeding, and UK neonatal experts will provide specialist neonatal training for nurses and doctors to build capacity locally and in the longer term reduce transfers of small and sick babies to Hanoi.  

The first link between Son La and Newborns was made via Topas and Vietnam Trail Marathon and the partnership has flourished since then, with more funders and partners coming on board. 

Doctor Sy, Director of Thao Nguyen General Hospital shared: “The training courses held in Moc Chau are very essential to improve our doctors and nurses’ skills. With the guidance from the specialists from the UK, we will be more confident. The quality of our work will be enhanced”.  

Doctor Ky, Director of Moc Chau General Hospital said: “VTM is a very big event for Moc Chau District as well as Son La Province as a whole. We had asked Topas Travel to help us approach the training program with international standards and receive new equipment. The funds from VTM Charity Project have been sponsoring our 3-year training program with the Newborns Vietnam. Thank you to VTM and the Newborns Vietnam for the support.” 

Suzanna Lubran shared: “There are many answers to the question of why it is so important to improve the quality of newborn care provided right after the birth and within the first 24 hours. One of the simplest ones is the long procedure for a sick newborn to be transferred to big hospitals in Hanoi.” 

She added: “Our heartfelt thanks go to all the runners of VTM. The training programs between Newborns and the hospitals will help to lower the newborn mortality rate.”