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Saving Newborn Lives

Vietnam Trail Series races have been contributing to the work of Newborns Vietnam for some years. Here are some of the highlights from the past year along with the charity’s aims for the future. Words By Newborns Vietnam. 

Perhaps the number that most graphically illustrates the impact of our work last year is 100. 

100 babies were saved from preventable deaths. 100 families did not have to suffer the loss of their child.

The goal is for more families to go home from hospital without a wound in their heart that will never heal.

Below are just some of the other significant numbers from the Newborns VIetnam 2020 impact report:

  • 25% reduction in mortality and 15% reduction in the rate of infection as the cause of death at Vietnam National Children’s Hospital (VNCH).
  • 22 doctors in training at UK post graduate level at three hospitals in Hanoi
  • 255 doctors, nurses and midwives participate in local and on-line UK training at hospitals, Hanoi
  • Launch of a pilot programme to improve care at nine hospitals in Hanoi impacting 100,000 babies and their families.
  • COVID appeal to support Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children to set up special delivery room for COVID infected mothers
  • Provided 7.4 billion VND of lifesaving equipment to 7 hospitals

As a charity, Newborns has witnessed the local medical teams growing in confidence, involving parents in the care of their babies and seeking feedback to continue to improve services.

With the development of the Hanoi Neonatal Network, the coordination and information exchange in newborn treatment among the hospitals has become stronger and closer than ever. This is especially valuable in this Covid time when collaboration and  solidarity can help overcome difficulties.

The network model is a blueprint for change for the whole country.

Newborns in the Land of VTM

In 2021/22 we are extending this model to eight more hospitals in Hanoi and to Son La Province.

Three times more babies die in the northwest provinces than in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

In Son La Province, over 40 babies die every month, and at least one baby’s death every day is preventable.

The challenge in Son La is a 15% reduction in deaths every year for three years and in Hanoi a 25% reduction across 17 hospitals.

The achievements of 2020 and addressing the challenges ahead are only possible thanks to the extraordinary commitment of our sponsors and the runners who have stood by us through this challenging year.

Newborns Vietnam is proud of how our impact can support mothers and babies in the face of the pandemic, empower our health professionals, and continue our work to drive down neonatal mortality rates.

The future is unknown; we are likely to see increased poverty adversely impacting on the health of the poorest mothers, but what remains true is our resolute belief that with your help, we can achieve our mission: zero preventable newborn deaths in Vietnam.


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