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Lifesaving Equipment For Moc Chau

With funding from Vietnam Trail Marathon, Newborns Vietnam has just handed over new lifesaving equipment to Moc Chau General Hospital to help to ensure high quality care for mothers and babies.


Newborns Vietnam launched its Provincial Hospital Training Programme in Son La Province in April with funding from Topas via the Vietnam Trail Marathon. Ever since then, it has been working closely with Son La Department of Health (DOH) to carry out the project.

The first stage was to provide the online training programme for the doctors and nurses at three hospitals in the province: Moc Chau General Hospital, Thao Nguyen General Hospital and Son La General Hospital.

The training has brought about enormous changes in how the babies are taken care of.

Having witnessed those changes, Ms. Suzanna Lubran, Executive Director of Newborns Vietnam said: “As the head nurse opened the door to the nurseries, I was so proud of the Moc Chau team, the rooms were well ordered, warm, quiet, with the lights down, the babies were all comfortable in a nest that mimics the condition within the womb. I felt my eyes fill with tears of joy as each new change was proudly presented. It was so good to see the impact of great teaching and Moc Chau nurses embracing change and becoming the voice of the baby.”

 Baby is comfortably nested

Moving on to the next stage in the project, Newborns with Alive and Thrive recently handed over new lifesaving equipment to Moc Chau General Hospital, which will further help to improve the quality of newborn care here. 


The new lifesaving equipment handover

With the new equipment provided, more babies will have their own infant warm beds and phototherapy machines.

Also during the visit, the team had a meeting with the Son La Department of Health (DOH) to develop a two-year training programme for doctors and nurses at the General Hospitals supported by a package of essential equipment as well as an outreach programme to support mothers in the most remote areas and use technology to link with the main hospitals.

Despite many challenges in this mountainous area, Newborns Vietnam will continue their hard work for the health and happiness of the mothers and babies, and Topas is proud to support them.


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