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Vietnamese runner won two consecutive VMM 100k races

The winner of the men’s 100k was Nguyen Tien Hung of Vietnam who finished in a total time of 14:33:45. Hung broke his record of last year (14:45:44) and became the first runner to win two consecutive VMM 100k races. The second and third places were also from Vietnam – Nguyen Si Hieu and Nguyen Duc Quang respectively. 

At the finish line, Hung said: “The course was even more beautiful than last year,” as he enjoyed a beer while proudly holding the flag of Vietnam.

Nguyen Tien Hung at the VMM finish line

The female 100km saw Charmaine Thompson from Australia take first place in a total time of 19:19:26. Coline Drain-Martin (France). Charmaine beat Coline Drain-Martin from France into second place and Tian Qi Ong from Malaysia into third place.

At the finish line, Charmaine said: “It was a wonderful event. It was clearly epic”. 

Charmaine from Australia won the 100k female race

Also in women’s ultra field, Jcy Ho from Hong Kong came the first in 70k in the total time of 10:37:48. The second place was Nguyen Thi Duong (known as Little Sugar) from Vietnam while Constance Louasse from France got the third place.

In the men’s 70km, Mads Louring from Denmark took first place while Do Nhon Trong and Tran The Anh from Vietnam came in the second and third.