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Nguyen Viet Hoa Runs South East Asia

This month’s epic run comes from Nguyen Hoa Viet and is truly deserving of the title ‘epic’ as it spans five countries and will take over two months to complete.

VMM veteran Nguyen Hoa Viet (Zí) is running across South East Asia to raise funds for Newborns Vietnam.

At an expected total length of around 4500km over a duration of 88 days, this will be the longest run a Vietnamese person has ever completed. Hoa Viet started on November 4 from Hanoi and has averaged 50km per day. He will run through Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and finish in Singapore on Feb 2 2019 if all goes to schedule.

That is truly an incredible job and we send huge kudos and all the very best for the rest of the challenge!


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