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Why do you love ultra mountain running?

We asked some VMM podium finishers why they love mountain running. From transcendence and solitude to nature and challenging limites, there are many and varied reasons to go ultra.

VMM - Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2023
The trails of Sapa - Vietnam Mountain Marathon

Coline Drain-Martin (2nd 100k place):

The transcendence! All the feelings you pass through to do it: happiness, excitation, solitude, the physical and psycho pain. And the joy you have when you pass the finish line, whatever the result!

2nd 100k female - Coline Drain-Martin
Coline Drain-Martin, the 2nd 100k place at the VMM finish line

Mads Louring (70k male winner):

I love the solitude and being in the nature where it’s quiet. It’s a form of medicine for me and it takes my mind off things. I don’t think i could go for many days without running. And I also love the social aspect of running a race with so many great people coming together and making new friends.

Nguyễn Trọng Nhơn & Mads Louring on the VMM 70km course

Tian Qi Ong (3rd 100k female place):

I like running and climbing up mountains and feel energized when just being in the trail. And ultra running such as 100km is amazing feeling to see how far I can go with just our own mind and feet. Being able to go to different mountain terrain and see the life in the mountain really brings me joy and gives me some good experience to remember. I like the difference and variety of mountain trail ultra running and also the community of ultra runners who are all just happy to be among the mountain as we call Mother Nature or Home. 

Nguyen Si Hieu (2nd 100k male place):

  • Close to the nature. Sometimes it makes me feel “overwhelmed”, sometimes “dizzy”.
  • Ultra Trail also brings different levels of emotions: happy when start and finish, lonely on the route, sometimes disappointed, sometimes blank, sometimes blissful, sometimes grateful…
  • Chance for friends and family to experience together and then closer to each other.

Jcy Ho (70k female winner):

Two things

  • It’s the people – there is a special bond between trail runners! It ain’t matter who you are anymore, we no longer care where you from what’s your background…. we only care…. what?? You did that race? Wow!!! 
  • Nature – people always ask me, aren’t you tired? No way, how could I be? From the day I stepped on the trail, I knew this is where I belong! Everything seem so beautiful and you feel you are just so lucky to be alive to see it! 

Đỗ Trọng Nhơn (2nd 70k male place)

Because only when coming to ultra trail, I have the chance to discover the most beautiful, spectacular and peaceful routes and views. Ultra trail is the place where I connect with new friends, enjoy the atmosphere like carnaval festival after the race. Ultra trail is also the place where I challenge and test my will and effort, making  me more brave and assertive in job and in life. 

Quang Nguyễn (3rd 100k male place)

Ultra trail always has something special, drawing the curiosity and the desire to challenge and experience of human beings. Beside beautiful landscape, ultra distance also tests both mental and physical health…the limits that many people would like to search for and conquer.:)