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Free Entry to Running Academy by CFYC

The running Academy is an open community for all runners, aiming to allow not only California Fitness & Yoga Members but also every Vietnamese person to run faster and injury free by providing expertise, experience and resources to adjust training to your ambitions.



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Running Academy accompanies with the next generation of runners in Vietnam!

22. August 2018

VMM long distances sold out!

While our long distance events have sold out, we still have 10km and 15km slots available. You can sign up for those here. We also have some Sapa Packages with accommodation, transport and meals available. If you’d li...
21. March 2018

VMM Charity with Newborns Vietnam

On behalf of VMM runners yesterday Topas Travel and Newborns Vietnam presented oxygen saturation units to the Obstetrics and Newborn Unit at Lao Cai hospital. Newborns Vietnam is currently providing neonatal training ...
22. August 2018

Going Green with Hammer Nutrition Products

At VJM we like to be green not only in colour, but also environmentally. Water at our races has always been served in 20L bottles from which runners must refill. This year we are very pleased to have our electrolyte a...