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Newborns News: Saving Lives Through Clean Hands

Covid-19 has made the world aware of the importance of proper handwashing and the protection it provides from infection and nowhere is this more important than protecting the lives of newborn babies.

According to Newborns Vietnam, 85% of newborn deaths are preventable and infection is a major cause of death for premature and sick newborns in Vietnam. Many hospitals here only have old small sinks that are far from ideal. 

As a result, Newborns Vietnam has recently installed six new medical sinks in Vietnam National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi. Dr Le Thi Ha, Head of Neonatal Department, said, “This is my dream come true – today is a great day for Vietnam National Children’s Hospital and the babies we care for!”


Suzanna of Newborns Vietnam said: “We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped make Dr Ha’s dream come true including all the wonderful Vietnam Trail Series runners.”

New sinks will be installed at St Paul Hospital and as funds allow, more will be added.


Emergency boxes

Newborns can lose their lives in the first minutes after birth because they cannot take their first breath. Many hospitals lack the basic equipment for resuscitation and keeping babies warm. 

Newborns Vietnam is to provide emergency equipment boxes for the delivery rooms at six more hospitals. 

“We look forward to the Topas team from the Vietnam Trail Series races joining us to handover this life saving kit,” said Suzanna Lubran of Newborns.