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A Weekend Of VMM Trail Inspection

Hello VMM Runners!  

Over the weekend we headed out on some more trial inspection to re-check some of the new parts of the 70k, 100k and 10k we’ve added for 2023.  The 50k also has plenty of new sections – you can see a bit more about that here

70k and 100k

First up, here are some photos from the new parts of the 70k and 100k routes.  

I took these on the way to CP1 and on toward CP2. This year we’re taking you higher up the valley than before because we wanted to avoid some concrete in this area. The result is more beautiful views, more climbing and descending and a more technical section of trail… with the potential for more mud in the wet!  
It’s definitely harder than previous years, but it’s also more rewarding and scenic. I had a great time running it again and I look forward to you all coming and enjoying it too – not long to go now.

10k only

This is the new loop we’ve added among the rice terraces for 10k runners.  

You’ll have to do a bit of climbing from the valley floor to get these amazing views, but we think the effort is worth it!  
You can still sign up for the Sunday 10k here.

100k only

Finally here are some of the section that is for the 100k runners only.  

Signing Up

We’ve closed registration for the 100k, but you still have a little bit of time to sign up for other distances.