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Topas School Building Continues

Following the upgrades of Nam Lang B School, we began work on a new school project – the Ban Pho Primary School. Words and photos by Kien.

The exterior of the old school building, before work began

Ban Pho Primary School is located in Ban Pho village in Thanh Binh, around 13km far from Topas Ecolodge, famous among our runners as the VMM finish line.

This small village is nestled in the mountainside and is home to 34 families and a total of 187 inhabitants belonging to the Red Dao ethnic group.

There are 15 pupils studying at the school, from 6 – 7 years old in grades 1 and 2.

Children learning in the old building – note the gaps in the walls which meant very cold conditions in winter

When we came to visit the school for inspection we found a temporary building that has in fact stood for 10 years.

We began the new school project on July 15th. Despite all the difficulties the climate has brought us, including storms and landslides, the project is nearing completion.

Work on the new building is underway

In the next few weeks the new school will be ready to welcome the pupils.

When that happens, we will update you with the ‘after’ photographs and the reaction of the kids and the teachers to their new building.


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