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Race date: 21-10-2023

VJM takes place in Pu Luong Nature Reserve. This is an area where time stands still, home to minority villages, ancient jungle, soaring limestone peaks, waterfalls, vibrant rice paddy fields. 

Join our ‘wonder trails’ adventure!

70k | 55k | 42k | 25k | 10k


The location is Pu Luong Nature Reserve near Mai Chau which lies around 140km south west of Hanoi. It is an area where time stands still. Pu Luong is home to ancient jungle, soaring limestone peaks, waterfalls, rivers, vibrant rice paddy fields and small villages where life goes on as it has for generations.

We selected the Nature Reserve because we wanted to add a new jungle element to the rice terrace scenery and small minority village trails that have made the original VMM so popular. We also wanted to add in different trail challenges and to bring people to a new part of Vietnam that we love very much but which sees few tourists.

The result is an incredible, remote trail adventure with a unique finish location at the Ban Hang Race Village where runners can also stay in traditional stilt house homestays.

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The elevation charts are now available to help you select your race distance.

All GPS tracks will be available for download one week prior to the race.

See an overview of each of the distances here: 10km25km42km55km70km.



You will see many of the beautiful landscapes of the famously stunning Vietnam Jungle Marathon trails, but you will not see the famously hard VJM climbs! Ideal for newbie trail runners. 


Our 25km trail race starts in a broad valley where golden rice fields are surrounded by mountains.  

You will pass numerous pretty villages heading deeper into the Nature Reserve with some challenging climbs and be rewarded with one of the most spectacular viewpoints in all of Vietnam. 


One of the most popular Vietnam Trail Series races, this route had it all: runnable sections, steep climbs, tough descents and flowing downhills that will put a huge smile on every runner’s face. 


The 55km offers an ultra distance route of extreme beauty. It cuts out some of the toughest parts of our longest route, but make no mistake – this is still a very challenging ultra!  


This is a very challenging 70km ultra-trail Marathon with plenty of climbs and descents and gain of over 3,000m. It will take runners through all of the landscapes that the Nature Reserve has to offer.  

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