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Training Guidelines for Success

This month’s training tips come from David Greenfield Master Trainer of California Fitness and Yoga, former national triathlete, bike fitter and much more besides.

Vietnam Jungle Marathon is coming closer so it’s time to wake up in the mornings and try this workout to get ready for the challenge of the year!

These training guidelines will help you to increase:

  • Functional Power
  • Mobility
  • Stability

These are only to be done after a complete warm up, including a full body activation and engagement routine.

1. Functional Power

A) Stairs

  1. No need to run, your fastest walk will be good as well

2. Land with your whole FLAT foot

3. Always hold good posture with an engaged core

4. Only come down the stairs with lateral (side to side) movements

5. Start with 20mins and increase by ten minutes each time as you feel ready

B) Two footed box jumps

  1. 3 x 10 and build

C) Burpees

  1. 3 x 10 and build


2. Mobility

A) Walking lunges

  1. Front knee bend as close to 90* as possible, heel directly under knee, front quad parallel with floor

2. Chest up with straight back, upper body perpendicular to the ground

3. Drop rear knee as close to the floor as you can without touching it

4. Hold the pose for 3 seconds before you take the next step

5. 10 steps, repeat 4 times and increase number of sets as you feel comfortable

B) Mountain climbers

50 x 3 times (increase by 10 repetitions each time after)

C) High knee drills


3. Stability

Balanced and controlled movements are the key to success (add a little power to make it more challenging and beneficial)

A) One legged diagonal bounding (long jump)

  1. Choose a spot a challenging distance away to land on
  2. Push away hard with whole planted foot
  3. Swing leading leg, extend, and land on that one foot.
  4. Maintain perfect controlled balance on the one foot before taking next leap
  5. 10 steps, repeat 4 times and increase number of sets as you feel comfortable

B)  Pistol squats (start with trainer, TRX, box, chair, etc.)

8 x 3 times and build

C) Stand on one leg (slight bend in the knee) with your eyes closed, and turn your head left and right very slowly (90 seconds)

Bonus – diversify your movements, and move in a new direction, laterally, low to the ground, backwards. Crawl around and have fun again!