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Newborns Vietnam – A Year In Review

The charity Newborns Vietnam recently released an impact report on their work in 2019 – a year in which Vietnam Trail Series runners provided support through VTM and VMM.  Below are some of the highlights that the mountain runner donations helped make possible.

In Vietnam newborn deaths in the first month of life account for 70% of all infant deaths.

Vietnam does not yet have specialist neonatal training programmes for doctors and nurses. Staff levels are low and neonatal units are poorly equipped. This, together with a lack of specific knowledge and competencies in assessing and managing small and sick newborns, results in limited progress in reducing neonatal deaths.

Newborns Vietnam is working to provide education and vital equipment to increase the life chance of newborns babies.

Headline figures

In 2019, Newborns Vietnam helped to reduce the neonatal mortality rate at the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, Hanoi by 26%.

7500+ hours of training were provided in Vietnam by UK doctors and nurse educators, while 150+ doctors, nurses and midwives from Vietnamese Hospitals received training to international standards.

Across all the hospitals Newborns Vietnam works with, infection accounts for 50% of newborn deaths. Reducing infection as a cause of death is therefore a significant aim.

A key achievement in 2019  was the 18% reduction of infection as a cause of death achieved at the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital.

Reducing infection related deaths has been achieved through the purchase of CPAP machines, oxygen saturation monitors and medical sinks for Newborns Vietnam network hospitals.

Vietnam Trail Series support

Topas has proudly supported the great work of Newborns Vietnam since 2017 and has continued to support projects by Newborns Vietnam in the year 2020.

We would like to send our thanks to all VTS runners who have made this possible.

To learn more about great works of Newborns Vietnam in 2019, please find their 2019 annual report here.