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100 Newborns KM in Torrential Rain

Over the weekend, Danang’s Huy Doan, a VMM finisher, attempted his Kiss Ultra 200 challenge, a 200km run to raise fund for Newborns Vietnam. He started at 8am on Saturday and aimed to finish on the Sunday.

About 100 runners from Danang Runners club came along to run in support, including Quang Tran, VMM 100k Champ, who had completed his 160km challenge in 2016 with the support of Huy.

However, torrential rain lashed down on the attempt and forced it to stop at 107km after 21 hours. Three of his friends, including  Lê Văn Tùng, Quốc Hưng and Hoành, also did 100km while many others did some shorter runs together with him.

“I felt very tired, but still tried my very best,” said Huy. “I prayed for the rain to stop, but it did not. However, thanks to this challenge, I now know there is no limit to what humans can achieve – we can do many things that we think are impossible. Running helps us not only to improve our health, but also to train our mental strength and determination to finish a challenge, whether in a race, or in life.”

Suzanna Lubran, Executive Director of Newborns Vietnam, said “We at Newborns are extremely proud of Huy and all the Danang runners who have done so much to support the work of Newborns Vietnam and help us improve the life chances of babies here.”

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