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Running in the heat

It is likely to be hot in Pu Luong for the Vietnam Jungle Marathon and in Sa Pa for Vietnam Mountain Marathon, so here are some tips on how to run in the heat by David Lloyd, Simon Grimstrup and Cao Ngoc Ha.

1. Drinking

Drink plenty and do NOT WAIT until you are thirsty.

Remember your electrolytes – pack your favourite in your bag and mix it into your water at aid stations. Also remember to take small money so you can buy extra softdrinks along the route in villages if you need to.

Fully fill up your water bottles/camelbak to the TOP at every aid station! Remember you must carry 1.5L of water at VJM.

2. Cap and buff

Wear a cap and bring a buff. Soak them in water any time you can. When the water evaporates it will cool you down. Use your buff around your neck, head or wrist.

3. Sunburn

Avoid sunburn – use a proper sunscreen and apply it early in the morning before you start to sweat.

4. Self-awareness

Listen to your body. Remember this is a long run in hard conditions, not a sprint!  Do not look at your pace and heart rate like in a training session. Run smart and safe! It is crucial to stop if you start to overheat. Never, never try to keep running if you are feeling seriously hot. Stop, find some shade and cool down!

5.Keep cool with fluids

Don’t just drink water – use it on your body to cool yourself down. If you feel very hot, lay down in any fresh water you can find.

6. Clothing

Do not wear something new on race day, especially not shoes. Race with comfortable clothing you can trust from experience.

7. Eat

It is very easy to forget to eat when it is hot and you are thirsty. Be careful! A good idea is to set a pattern to eat every 20 mins or half an hour. This can also help you to keep motivated. Pack food you know you can eat when you are tired – practice your eating in training.