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The Healing Power Of Running

Today, Binh* (*name changed for this article) is a happy member of the Blue Dragon Running Club. At 15 years old, he is a hardworking student who is full of energy, dreams,  and ambitions. Binh hopes for a better future and actively pushes himself to be the best he can be. He does this with the support of Blue Dragon and the hope that he can leave the pain of his childhood behind. Words by Blue Dragon team.

When he first started with the Blue Dragon Running Club, Binh was new to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. He felt inadequate, haunted by his past torments. However, after spending time with other kids, social workers and learning how to train, he grew more and more optimistic about the future. Running made him feel motivated to change his life.

“There were times I wanted to give up,” Binh shared. 

“The first few days were like torture to me, even the warm-up movements made me feel dizzy. However, thanks to my social worker’s encouragement, guidance, and support, I felt more confident and was motivated to push harder.”

Binh is the son of a single mother, with a younger sister.  He never knew his father and had an unhappy childhood. His mother was a favourite subject of gossip in his village because she lived her life very differently as a result of her mental health issues. 

As he grew up, Binh started to understand the situation he was in. He then focused on school as a way to get himself out of it, becoming one of the top students in his class. But that didn’t stop his peers from bullying him. Most days, Binh felt like an outcast. 

When Blue Dragon met Binh a few years ago, he was begging with his family at Hoan Kiem lake. 

Blue Dragon learned more about his situation and built trust with him and his mother. Binh moved into safe accommodation with Blue Dragon kids and started to open up. The change was quick and positive, as he found himself spending time with other kids and believing in himself.

Blue Dragon running club at VTM 2021

Binh is one of the many children who received encouragement and support through the Running Club together with other structures put in place by Blue Dragon. Through living at the shelter and getting involved in activities, he is growing stronger as an individual every day. 

“The fact that I have grown taller than before has also changed my previous prejudices and thoughts about my physical inadequacy. And I believe, nothing is impossible if we dare to try,” shared Binh.


Right now, Blue Dragon team is operating the Covid Emergency Appeal to support the children and families severely affected by Covid-19 across Vietnam.  Learn more and donate here 

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