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For the ninth edition of Vietnam Mountain Marathon there are updates for many distances, alongside the all new VMM 100 miles. Here we provide an overview of the changes. 

The 21K update

VMM-Sapa Square 2

For the first time, the VMM 21k will start right in the heart of Sapa. The new route will take runners straight up Ham Rong mountain, providing great views and trail from close to the start. 

We have also moved the start time earlier for 2022: the race begins at 07:00 in Sapa Square. 

See all the details on the 21k page

The 42K update


For the last edition of the race we added Nui Bo (Cow Mountain) to the race route. This year we are changing your route to reach that peak. This means a new start location for the marathon distance. It also cuts out the uphill backroad section and takes runners more quickly onto the trails, so we think you will like this update.

Like the 21k, we are also starting this distance earlier, at 06:00 – another update that we are sure runners will welcome.

See all the details on the 42k page

The 100K update


This is the biggest update of all the distances and it is going to make the 100k more of a challenge.

The reason for the change to this ultra trail route is that more concrete had been laid on the original 100k trails.  More trail from 2022 also means more more gain and length. In fact, this race is now closer to 104km. 

You therefore have a new start time of 20:00. 

See all the details on the 100k page

100 Miles Course Information

100 miles course VMM - Quyen pics 6.6

As we revealed in our last news update, we made some updates to our original 100 miles course to take some of the difficulty out of the loops around Topas Ecolodge. 

It’s still an extremely hard course, but that section will be less demanding than we first planned. 

You can now see all the COTs (Cut Off Times) for the checkpoints online.  

The start time is 04:00 meaning you also have 44 hours to complete it – one more than we originally advertised. 

See all the details on the 100 Miles page