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Welcome to the latest trail run from the Topas Vietnam Trail Series team. Sapa is home to the original Vietnam Mountain Marathon. With this new VMM Nam Cang edition, we bring you different trails of Sapa, leading over high mountains to the remote and little visited Nam Cang village. Those taking on the 52k and 32k will also run some of the all new VMM 100 Miles trails.


Choose 12km or 32km or 52km. The ultra route includes everything from high mountain ridge trails and to small trails and back-roads through ethnic minority villages and majestic rice terraces. The ultra route terrain is extremely varied, while the 12km is a great introduction to the mountains. 


Those who have run our races before know we like to create beautiful, unique finish lines. At VMM Nam Cang you will finish by crossing a white water river on a swing bridge. Your audience will be fellow trail runners and the Red Dao villagers (mainly the kids!) of Nam Cang. Nothing remotely like this has ever happened here before so we expect a fun atmosphere and warm welcome from our friends in the village.