70km - Ultra Marathon

*IMPORTANT: Check what mandatory kit you need HERE.

70km | +3,450 m

Race date: Saturday, 28 August 2021

Start & Finish: Topas Ecolodge – Google maps

Bus depart to start: please see your race program: (1) Run-only runners, (2) Sapa Packages, (3) Topas Ecolodge Packages

Race start: 3AM, 28/08/2021

CUT-OFF: 10:00 (CP3) – 13:30 (CP4) – 15:30 (CP5) – 17:30 (CP6) – 19:00 (CP7) – COT at finish: 23:30

Qualification (Updated 07 May 2021): Registration is only open for very experienced runners, at least 18 years old on race day. To run VMM 70km, it is highly recommended you have previously completed a mountain race.

This is an extremely hard ultra-trail marathon covering all types of landscapes of the mountain range. After a flat start you descend in darkness down into a beautiful valley, across a river running from Fansipan, through rice paddies and into a small village and CP1.  

At the end of the valley comes a seriously hard and long climb up through rice fields to CP3. New for 2021, you will then continue to climb up on beautiful trail to the new highest point on the course at around 2,300m. In good weather you will have stunning panoramic views of the mountains here.

After descending with more amazing views to Ta Phin (CP4) you will head onto more new trail on your way to CP6 where you will meet up with the 21k runners for yet more updated trail with awesome valley and rice paddy views.  

After CP7 the infamous Silverstone climb on steep trail awaits, but your reward at the top is one of the best vistas of the course. Then it’s time for the final hard downhill and the race to the finish line and the stunning welcome from the other runners at Topas Ecolodge, located on a beautiful hilltop. Here you can relax and enjoy the feeling of triumph together with all the other mountain runners!

Choose your race distance

Standard fee
(From 29/12/2020)
Add Sunday 10km - No extra T-shirt Add Sunday 15km - No extra T-shirt
Cự ly đăng ký
Phí đăng ký tiêu chuẩn
(Từ 29/12/2020)
Thêm cự ly 10km -
Không thêm áo chạy
Thêm cự ly 15km -
Không thêm áo chạy
10kmVND 800,000
(~USD 35)
15kmVND 1,150,000
(~USD 50)
21kmVND 2,950,000
(~USD 129)
VND 550,000
(~USD 25)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
42kmVND 3,200,000
(~USD 139)
VND 550,000
(~USD 25)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
70kmVND 3,900,000
(~USD 169)
VND 550,000
(~USD 25)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
100kmVND 4,350,000
(~USD 189)
VND 550,000
(~USD 25)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
100 MilesVND 6,650,000
(~USD 289)
VND 550,000
(~USD 25)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
**Group Registration Discount
(Trợ giá đăng ký nhóm)
10-49 runners
(10-49 người)
50+ runners
(Từ 50 người trở lên)

We also offer various 3-day and 4-day add-on packages, including transport to and from Hanoi, your accommodation and your meals.

Sapa Travel Packages

(VĐV / Người thân)
Single Supplement / Phụ phí phòng riêngChildren / Trẻ em (4-12 years old, extra bed)
3-day Hotel + Bus only 27-29/08/2021Muong Thanh SapaVND 2,050,000
(~USD 89)
VND 900,000
(~USD 39)
VND 1,350,000
(~USD 59)
3-day Deluxe Inclusive27-29/08/2021Sapa Highland ResortVND 3,650,000
(~USD 159)
VND 1,350,000
(~USD 59)
VND 2,700,000
(~USD 119)
4-day Deluxe Inclusive 26-29/08/2021Sapa Highland ResortVND 4,550,000
(~USD 199)
VND 2,050,000
(~USD 89)
VND 3,400,000
(~USD 149)

Topas Ecolodge Travel Packages

PACKAGE / GÓI 3-4 NGÀYDATE / NGÀYRunner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân)Single Supplement / Phụ phí phòng đơn Children /
Trẻ em (6-12 years old, extra bed)
*TWIN/DOUBLE sharing (phòng chung cho 2 người)
27-29/08/2021VND 8,500,000
(~USD 369)
VND 6,150,000
(~USD 269)
Please contact us for family package
*TWIN/DOUBLE sharing (phòng chung cho 2 người)
26-29/08/2021VND 12,200,000
(~USD 459)
VND 8,750,000
(~USD 379)
Please contact us for family package
*TWIN/DOUBLE sharing (phòng chung cho 2 người)

**1 FEMALE slot remains / còn 1 suất cho NỮ
27-29/08/2021VND 10,100,000
(~USD 439)
VND 7,800,000
(~USD 339)
VND 4,100,000
(~USD 179)
*TWIN/DOUBLE sharing (phòng chung cho 2 người)

**1 MALE slot remains / còn 1 suất cho NAM
26-29/08/2021VND 14,500,000
(~USD 629)
VND 11,050,00
(~USD 479)
VND 6,400,000
(~USD 279)

VMM21 70km is a VTS Ultra Points race, a 3-point qualifying race for ITRA and an ATM B points race and Vietnam’s Supertrail.