Bib Collection Procedure

1. Delivery Method

The Organizer does not deliver the bib pack to the address of the runner; the runners must collect the bib pack at the location specified by the Organizer before the race day

2. Delivery Time

At least 1 week pre race, The Organizers will send an email to all runners signed up for the race with full necessary information for the race including Bib number, programs, locations to pick up race kits.

3. Race Kits

A race kit includes:

  • BIB with electronic equipment to track the race time of a runner
  • A running T-shirt (subject to availability )
  • Pins to put the bib on the T-shirt
  • Luggage tag
  • Gifts from sponsors, if available
  • Medals will be presents to all finishers at the finish line.

4. Race Pack Collection

To pick up your own race kit, runners must present:

  • Your Bib Number
  • Your ID/Passport (original / printed / digital copy)
  • Your signed indemnity (printed copy).
  • For runners under 16 years old: Parents/guardians must sign the consent form on race pack collection.

*Authorized collection: For run-only runners only, you may authorise a representative to collect it on your behalf. Your representative must present following documents during race pack collection:

  • Bib number
  • Your ID/passport (original / printed / digital copy);
  • The representative’s ID/passport (original / printed / digital copy);
  • Your signed indemnity (printed copy).
  • Letter of authorisation (printed copy)..

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