Returning 2024! 

IMPORTANT: Check what mandatory kit you need HERE.

100 Mile map - Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2022

161km | +8,600 m

Start time: Returning 2024

Final COT: 44 hours

Start location: Sapa Square – Google maps

Finish location: Topas Ecolodge – Google maps

Bus depart to start: please see your Race Start Time & Location

Age restriction: Registration is only open for very experienced runners, at least 18 years old on race day.  

100 miles course VMM - Quyen pics 6.6

The Course

Make no mistake, this is an extremely hard 100 miles. 

It includes the VMM 100km course which has also been updated to provide more trail and it is therefore more challenging than previous editions. 

The first part of the course which is unique to 100 mile runners is extremely beautiful, but also very tough. 

After a run out of Sapa, you will soon be on the ridge line, which is all trail and includes very little flat. 

After running across the ridge line you will come down from Mount Silverstone (the final peak of the standard VMM) to Topas Ecolodge and Checkpoint 103. 

From here, you will head onto two stunning clockwise loops around nearby valleys, returning each time to the lodge. 

This means you come back to CP103 multiple times.  Here we will set up a great checkpoint, plus you can also store everything you need in your drop bag

As stated above, the 100k course you will then join is also updated, with the most significant changes in the first 30k.

A section of the new Vietnam Mountain Marathon 100 mile course-Quyen-pics-10
A section of the new Vietnam Mountain Marathon 100 mile course

Qualifying for entry

To run VMM 100 miles, you must have previously completed at least one 70km+ ultra mountain marathon* (not a road event) before the race. The race must be an official race, not a virtual race / club run.

On registration, please provide a URL link to your qualifying result (VTS results page, ITRA results page, or similar). If you plan to complete a qualifying race between now and race day, you must send us your result by 30 days prior to the race date.

Failure to provide evidence of a qualifying past performance will result in refusal of entry.

*Please note we will assess your submitted performance for its level of difficulty and the organiser’s decision is final. A GPX track that is not an official race is not sufficient for qualification. 

Mandatory Briefing and mandatory equipment check

Your equipment will also be checked. Read detail Mandatory Kit here.

As at all Topas races, we will also perform random checks, plus compulsory checks for the top 3 at the finish. 

It is your responsibility as a conscientious and rule-following mountain runner to ensure the safety of yourself, your fellow runners and the organisers by carrying this kit.


  • For the 100 mile race only, pacers (companion runners) are allowed for the final 70k of your run. 
  • The pacer must have run at least 1 mountain marathon to qualify as your pacer. 
  • Pacers may NOT CARRY any equipment, food or water for you. They are there for moral support and encouragement, not physical help.
  • Pacers must wear the special pacer bib that will match your own bib number. 
  • Pacers are responsible for their own transport to checkpoints. 
  • Pacers must carry the same mandatory kit as defined for VMM 70k runners. 
  • You may have 2 pacers, but only one can accompany you at any time. Change over of pacers is permitted at checkpoints only.
  • There is NO bag drop provision for pacers 
  • No race kit for pacers:  Pacer bib only 
  • The pacer must be present at race pack collection and sign the indemnity form

Please send your pacer(s)’ information to info@vietnammountainmarathon.com

  1. Full name
  2. Gender
  3. Date of birth
  4. Passport / ID number
  5. Nationality
  6. Mobile phone
  7. Email

Drop Bag 

  • CP103 Drop Bag + CP4 Drop Bag + Finish Bag
  • Leave all bags at the START LINE.
  • Label bags using the tags provided
  • Recommended: also write your name and number on the bag to be extra clear.
  • CP Drop bags will be brought back to the finish when the CP closes. If you leave the finish area before this, collect it in Sapa Square on Sunday.

Choose your race distance

(30/01/2023 – 28/02/2023)
(From 01/03/2023)
Add Sunday 10km
(No extra T-shirt)
Cự ly Phí đăng ký sớm
(30/01/2023 – 28/02/2023)
Phí tiêu chuẩn
(Từ 01/03/2023)
Thêm cự ly 10km –
Không thêm áo chạy
10km – Sunday / Chủ nhậtVND1,100,000
(~USD 49)
VND 1,350,000
(~USD 59)
21kmVND 2,500,000
(~USD 109)
VND 2,950,000
(~USD 129)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
42kmVND 2,700,000
(~USD 119)
VND 3,200,000
(~USD 139)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
70kmVND 3,400,000
(~USD 149)
VND 3,900,000
(~USD 169)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
100kmVND 3,900,000
(~USD 169)
VND 4,350,000
(~USD 189)
VND 900,000
(~USD 40)
**Group Registration Discount
(Ưu đãi đăng ký nhóm)
10-49 runners | 10-49 người5%5%5%
50+ runners | Từ 50 người trở lên10%10%10%

We also offer various 3-day and 4-day add-on packages, including transport to and from Hanoi, your accommodation and your meals.

Sapa Travel Packages

PACKAGEDATE | NGÀYHOTEL | KHÁCH SẠNAdult | Người lớnChildren | Trẻ emSingle supplement |
Phụ phí phòng đơn
3-day Deluxe Inclusive | Trọn gói 3 ngàyFriday – Sunday,
Sapa Highland ResortVND 3,850,000
(~USD 157)
VND 3,400,000
(~USD 139)
VND 1,200,000
(~USD 49)
4-day Deluxe Inclusive | Trọn gói 4 ngàyThursday – Sunday,
BB Sapa Resort & SpaVND 5,750,000
(~USD 235)
VND 4,200,000
(~USD 171)
VND 2,700,000
(~USD 110)

Topas Ecolodge Travel Packages

PACKAGEDATE | NGÀYAdult | Người lớnSingle supplement |
Phụ phí phòng đơn
Children | Trẻ em
PREMIUM Bungalow: 3-DAY PACKAGE – LIMITED SLOTS / Số lượng có hạnFriday – Sunday,
VND 11,000,000
(~USD 449)
VND 7,800,000
(~USD 318)
Contact us for family price
PREMIUM Bungalow: 4-DAY PACKAGEThursday – Sunday,
VND 17,000,000
(~USD 694)
VND 11,000,000
(~USD 449)
Contact us for family price
SUITE Bungalow: 3-DAY PACKAGE – LIMITED SLOTS / Số lượng có hạnFriday – Sunday,
VND 14,500,000
(~USD 592)
VND 11,000,000
(~USD 449)
Contact us for family price
SUITE Bungalow: 4-DAY PACKAGEThursday – Sunday,
VND 21,000,000
(~USD 857)
VND 15,600,000
(~USD 637)
Contact us for family price
POOL VILLA: 3-DAY PACKAGE – LIMITED SLOTS / Số lượng có hạnFriday – Sunday,
VND 23,000,000
(~USD 939)
VND 20,000,000
(~USD 816)
Contact us for family price
POOL VILLA: 4-DAY PACKAGEThursday – Sunday,
VND 34,700,000
(~USD 1,416)
VND 30,500,000
(~USD 1,245)
Contact us for family price
*Please note, Pool Villa is only for couples/family.
*Lưu ý: Gói Pool Villa chỉ dành cho gia đình/cặp đôi.

VMM 160km is a VTS Ultra Points race, a 6-point qualifying race for ITRA and an Asia Trail Master A points race, Vietnam’s ATM Supertrail and UTMB Index Race.