After many requests from Vietnam’s most hardcore ultra runners, we are very happy to provide the next level mountain running challenge: the VMM 100 MILES. 

This will be the first 100 Mile mountain race in Vietnam.  

The Course

The final course of the VMM 100 MILES is to be announced. 

Work is on-going to optimise the route – follow our social media pages and ensure you are signed up to the newsletter to get the latest updates. 

The course will include the original VMM course, with additional kilometres. 

Qualifying for entry

You can qualify for VMM 100 miles by achieving one or more of the following since 2018:

  • Being a VMM 100k Finisher (not a DNF runner) 
  • Finishing an equivalent 100k+ mountain race 
  • Finishing a VTS or equivalent 70km 3,000m elevation gain mountain race within 15 hours

On registration, please provide a URL link to your qualifying result (VTS results page, ITRA results page, or similar). If you plan to complete a qualifying race between now and race day, you must send us your result by 10 July 2021.

Failure to provide evidence of a qualifying past performance will result in refusal of entry.

Cut Off Time (COT)

To be confirmed following final course confirmation. 

Race kit collection 

Special race kit collection will be arranged for 100 mile runners only ahead of standard race kit collection.

Mandatory Briefing and mandatory equipment check

This will take place in Sapa on 26/8/2021. Time and place to be confirmed. 


Alongside medals, Gold and Silver 100 Mile awards will be presented to finishers depending on their finish time.  

Other unique and special inclusions for VMM 100 MILE runners including finisher t shirts and more are to be announced.


For the 100 mile race only, pacers (companion runners) are allowed for the final 70k of your run. 

Pacers may NOT CARRY any equipment, food or water for you. They are there for moral support and encouragement, not physical help.

Pacers must wear the special pacer bib that will match your own bib number. 

Pacers are responsible for their own transport to checkpoints. 

Pacers must carry the same mandatory kit as defined for VMM 70k runners. 

You may have 2 pacers, but only one can accompany you at any time. Change over of pacers is permitted at checkpoints only.

Choose your race distance

Early Bird (USD)
Standard fee (USD)
(From 29/12/2020)
Add Sunday 10km – No extra T-shirt (USD)
Add Sunday 15km – No extra T-shirt (USD)
Cự ly đăng ký
Đăng kí sớm (USD)
Phí đăng ký tiêu chuẩn (USD)
(Từ 29/12/2020)
Thêm cự ly 10km –
Không thêm áo chạy
Thêm cự ly 15km –
Không thêm áo chạy
10km 35 35N/AN/A
21km 109 1292540
42km 119 1392540
70km 149 1692540
100km 169 1892540
100 Miles2692892540
**Group Registration Discount
(Trợ giá đăng ký nhóm)
10-49 runners
(10-49 người)
50+ runners
(Từ 50 người trở lên)

We also offer various 3-day and 4-day add-on packages, including transport to and from Hanoi, your accommodation and your meals.

Sapa Travel Packages

PACKAGE / GÓIDATE / NGÀYHOTEL / KHÁCH SẠNRunner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân) (USD)Runner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân) (USD)Single Supplement /
Phụ phí phòng riêng (USD)
Children /
Trẻ em (4-12 years old, extra bed)
Phase one (now applied) / Giai đoạn 1 (đang áp dụng)Phase two / Giai đoạn 2
3-day Hotel + Bus only 27-29/08/2021Muong Thanh Sapa891093959
3-day Deluxe Inclusive27-29/08/2021Sapa Highland Resort15917959119
4-day Deluxe Inclusive 26-29/08/2021Sapa Highland Resort19921989149

Topas Ecolodge Travel Packages

PACKAGE / GÓI 3-4 NGÀYDATE / NGÀYRunner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân) (USD)Runner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân) (USD)Single Supplement / Phụ phí phòng đơn (USD)Children /
Trẻ em (6-12 years old, extra bed) (USD)
Phase one (now applied) / Giai đoạn 1 (đang áp dụng)Phase two / Giai đoạn 2
*TRIPLE sharing (phòng chung cho 3 người)
27-29/08/2021329399N/APlease contact us for family package
*TRIPLE sharing (phòng chung cho 3 người)
26-29/08/2021459529N/APlease contact us for family package
*TWIN/DOUBLE sharing (phòng chung cho 2 người)
*TWIN/DOUBLE sharing (phòng chung cho 2 người)

The VMM 100 miles is an ATM A points race and Vietnam’s ATM Supertrail.