We use red and white tape. Red flags. Red direction arrows. Red ‘X’ for wrong way.
The night marking is reflective sticks and tape.
We do not follow a specific distance between the markings as it is dependent on the trail, difficulty and visibility.


Do not run for a long time without seeing a marking. Run/walk back to the last place you saw marking. There is never a long distance between markers. 

If you cannot find it, please call the emergency number on the back of your race bib. Use your whistle to attract attention if needed.


You MUST INFORM US if you want to withdraw from the race. Please run/walk to the nearest checkpoint and tell the staff. Expect to wait a while for pick up.

If you do not speak to our staff on course, please CALL US using the number on your race bib to inform us you have stopped.

You must inform us if you withdraw.    


In case of emergency, please call the number on the back of your race bib and explain your problem and your location. Ask a local for help if possible. We will then take action.


The organiser can change the route before and during the race if necessary – follow the markings.


Cut off times are for DEPARTING a checkpoint, NOT arriving at a checkpoint. 

This means the COT is the last time you can LEAVE a checkpoint and continue the race. 

If you have not left a checkpoint by the COT, your status will be DNF.


Sun/Heat: Please make sure that you are protected against the sun if race day is hot. Wear sunscreen, a cap and sunglasses.   Use available water sources to cool down. Take a break under shade if you feel you are too hot. Talk to our teams at the checkpoints or on course if you want to withdraw from the race.  

Dehydration: Make sure that you drink plenty of water and use hydration mix. Make good use of our checkpoints. Please stop and buy a soft drink in the small village shops along the route if you are feeling low. Carry some small notes (10k/20k) for this. 

Cold and wet: This race can also turn cold in the mountains. You must make sure you are well equipped for cold mountain weather. Make sure you have read the mandatory equipment requirements.

Steep sections: Be aware and watch out for dangers. Slow down and take care when necessary. 

Under-eating: It is easy to forget to eat on a long run when you are tired. Please do not do this. Remember to keep eating!     

Fatigue: Be aware of your limits and run according to your ability. If you feel short of energy, rest. Talk to our medical team at the checkpoint if you feel over-tired. To mitigate becoming over-tired, do not run too hard early in the race. Race within your limits.