VJM 2022 Profile 10k (1)

Distance: 12km |+300m gain

You can check out the Google Map for the event with the key locations HERE.

BUS DEPARTURE TIME TO START LINE: 7:15AM from Pho Doan – Google Maps

START TIME: 8:30 AM, Saturday, 21-10-2023

START LOCATION: Thanh Son Commune, Ba Thuoc District (In front of Central Hills Pu Luong Retreat – Google maps). 6-7km from Ban Don.

FINISH: Ban Hang Race Village (Quan Hoa District) – Google maps

CUT-OFF: 23:59 (Finish)

Age restriction: Entrants must be at least 10 years old on the race date. For 10km entrants under 16 years old, parents/guardians must sign the consent form for race pack collection. Race entrants under 16 must run along with the guardian.

All package runners will be taken direct to the start line. Independent runners must park in Pho Doan by 7:00AM. The car park will be sign posted. Buses to the start will leave at 7:15AM and do not wait for late runners.

Course discription

The new VJM 12.5km is perfect for newer trail runners.

You will see many of the beautiful landscapes of the famously stunning Vietnam Jungle Marathon trails, but you will not see  the famously hard VJM climbs!


Beginning on the old 15C road with magnificent, broad views of jungle and limestone mountains you will soon begin descending down to the valley floor on the trail that inspired us to call this race the Wonder Trails.


Here you will pass through small, peaceful minority villages sharing the trail with locals, buffalos, cows and pigs.

You will run during rice harvest season so the fields will be alive with activity and full of golden rice.


Choose your race distance

Entry + Ban Hang PackageSTANDARD RACE FEEEntry + Ban Hang Package
CỰ LYĐăng ký sớmCombo vé chạy + gói Bản Hang 3 ngàyPhí tiêu chuẩn Combo vé chạy + gói Bản Hang 3 ngày
10kmVND 1,350,000
(~USD 59)
VND 4,300,000
(~USD 188)
VND 1,550,000
(~USD 69)
VND 4,550,000
(~USD 198)
25kmVND 2,500,000
(~USD 109)
VND 5,450,000
(~USD 238)
VND 2,950,000
(~USD 129)
VND 5,950,000
(~USD 258)
42kmVND 2,700,000
(~USD 119)
VND 5,700,000
(~USD 248)
VND 3,200,000
(~USD 139)
VND 6,150,000
(~USD 268)
55km UltraVND 3,200,000
(~USD 139)
VND 6,150,000
(~USD 268)
VND 3,650,000
(~USD 159)
VND 6,650,000
(~USD 288)
70km UltraVND 3,400,000
(~USD 149)
VND 6,400,000
(~USD 278)
VND 3,900,000
(~USD 169)
VND 6,850,000
(~USD 298)
**Group Registration Discount (not applicable to early bird) | Ưu đãi đăng ký nhóm (không áp dụng cho giai đoạn đăng ký sớm)
10-49 runners | 10-49 người5%5%
50+ runners | Từ 50 người trở lên10%10%