VUM2024 Profile_50k_4 Mar

Distance: 49.4km | Elevation gain 2450m

Race Start: 5:00, Saturday, 08-03-2025

Departure to start: 3:45 (last bus) – Lac village’s parking area – Google maps

Start location: Sân bóng xóm Báo – Google maps

Finish location: Sân Cộng Đồng Bản Lác – Google maps

CUT-OFF: 11:00 at CP Xóm Pạnh – 14:00 at CP Điểm Săn Mây – 16:00 at CP Hang Kia – 19:00 at CP Bản Cang – 22:30 at Nà Mo – 23:59 at FINISH

Age Restriction: Entrants to VUM 50km must be at least 18 years old on race day.

Qualification: To run VUM 50km, you must have previously completed at least one chip timed trail race of 20km+ with significant elevation. Loop runs / virtual races do not qualify.

On registration, please provide a URL link to your qualifying result (Topas result link, UTMB Index, ITRA Index, or similar). If you plan to complete a qualifying race between now and race day, you must send us your result by 30 days prior to the race date.

Failure to provide evidence of a qualifying past performance will result in refusal of entry and the refund terms stand. 

Distance: 49,4km | Elevation gain 2,450m

Start time: 5:00, Saturday

Bus to Start: 3:45 (last bus), Bãi đỗ xe bản Lác (Lac village’s parking area), Mai Chau – Google maps

Start location: Sân bóng xóm Báo (Báo Hamlet’s football field), Bao La Commune, Mai Chau District – Google Maps

Finish location: Sân lửa trại bản Lác, Mai Chau – Google maps

COT: CP3 5.1km at 11:00 – CP4 13.8km at 14:00 – CP5 20km at 16:00 – CP6 30.9km at 19:00 – CP7 43.1km at 22:30 – Finish 49.4km at 23:59:59

Please note, the Cut Off Time (COT) is the time you must leave the checkpoint. If you leave after the COT, the timing system will automatically list you as DNF (Did Not Finish). Also, if you leave on time, but you go back to the checkpoint after the COT, you will be listed DNF.

Age restriction: Open to experienced runners at least 18 years old on race day.

Qualification: It is recommended you have completed at least 1 trail race over 20km with significant elevation.

Finish Bag

01 bag/runner.

Handing in your bag: at the START LINE

Please prepare your own bag. Bags must be sealed/closed. Do not include valuables – the organiser cannot be held responsible for any loss. BRING your luggage tag (given at the race pack collection), we will staple it for you. 

Picking up your bag after the race: at the FINISH

Course description

The 50k follows the same course as our 70km, simply removing the first 20km. This beautiful ultra route has a high percentage of trail through a wide variety of stunning landscapes.

You will begin deep in Mai Chau, already far from where most people ever venture. Soon after the start you run onto great trail before climbing up to the fabled land of Hang Kia, where Hmong communities live not far from the border with Laos. For many years, this area was completely off the tourist map. Now you can run here and discover another side of Mai Chau.

From the highest point of the race, the route follows trails from valley to valley, each with its own stunning landscape. You will pass through an abandoned village and through ancient forest. Singe track trails weave along valley floors and traverse hill sides.

The last section brings you down to the quintessential beauty of the main Mai Chau valley. Here we will have a finish line in the heart of the community, with music, fire, food and the good trail vibes our races are famous for.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vietnam Ultra Marathon first edition on The Trails of Mai Chau.

Please read the Finish Area information here.


Top 3 VUM Runners will have mandatory kit inspections. 
Other kit inspections are carried out at random, including at the start line. 
Lack of mandatory kit will result in disqualification (DSQ) or time penalty. 

Refusal of kit check = DSQ 

Please note we disqualified runners at every event in the past year for lacking kit. Be prepared and carry what you need.

VUM 50km is a 2-point qualifying race for ITRA, an ITRA National League race, and a 50K UTMB Index race.