How to get to the race

We recommend all runners buy a 3 Day Add-On Package because logistics to this remote race are difficult.

With the 3 Day Add-On Packages your transport from Hanoi to the mountains and back to Hanoi is included, along with transport to the race starts, food and accommodation. All this from $119.

(includes Saturday guided walk)
(4-12 year old)
Ban Hang Race Village Homestay (communal, traditional)119139105

If you do choose to buy race only please note the start times. See details of how to get there alone below.


From Hanoi International Airport (Noi Bai) to Hanoi

You can take a taxi from the airport, the cost is between 15-17USD/4-seat/way. Allow one hour to reach the middle of town and 30 minutes to an hour for clearing immigration.

Take the 3 Day Package bus to the race

The bus departs Friday 24 May 2018 at 12:00PM. The meeting point is Turtle Lake Brewing Compnay (Add: 105 Quang Khanh Str., Tay Ho Dist., Ha Noi) – Google maps. Our buses head straight to the mountains with one stop on the way. If you arrive during the morning you can leave your luggage at our meeting point.

Traveling on your own to the race

Pu Luong Nature Reserve near Mai Chau lies a few hours south west of Hanoi. For directions to the race start area of Pho Doan village please see this map

For a map of all locations see here.

Please note that this race is in a remote area. You will also need to get to the start and then back to your accommodation after the race. This means joining our complete 3 day race package is the easiest option.

Pho Doan village is the start village for all race distances and we will have parking available here.

Accommodation options: Canh Nang Town, Ban Hieu or Ban Nua. Note that the last 7km to Ban Hieu is motorbike only.

Start times:

  • 55km & 70km: 4:00AM
  • 42km: 5:15AM
  • 25km: 6:45AM
  • 10km: 8:00AM

*25km runners: Independent 25km runners must park in Pho Doan Town by 5:15AM. The car park will be sign posted. Buses to the start will begin from 5:30AM at Pho Doan. Final bus leaves at 6AM. The buses start on time and do not wait for late runners.

*10km runners: All package runners will be taken direct to the start line. Independent runners must park in Pho Doan town by 6:30AM. The car park will be sign posted. Buses to the start will leave at 6:45AM and do not wait for late runners.

We will be providing transport back from the Ban Hang Race Village finish line to the Pho Doan village throughout the day. There will be a parking area in Pho Doan on race day.