Top 3 VTM Runners will have mandatory kit inspections.
Other kit inspections are carried out at random, including at the start line.
Lack of mandatory kit will result in disqualification (DSQ) or time penalty.

Refusal of kit check = DSQ

Please note we disqualified runners at every event in the past year for lacking kit. Be prepared and carry what you need.

Mandatory kit list is subject to change closer to the race date.

Vietnam Trail Marahon - 2022


You must race with your own race bib.  If you run with another person’s bib and you have not formally transferred that bib with the organiser, you will be disqualified and the organiser is not responsible for you on the course.

If you run with another person’s bib you endanger yourself and others as the organiser will not have your medical records, or your emergency contact.

In this mountain area, the weather can suddenly turn wet and colder, so you must prepare adequate clothing for all conditions, including sunblock, headwear, as well as warm clothing.

Everyone participating in Vietnam Trail Marathon must fill out our indemnity form and submit it at the race kit collection.

70km - 42km - 21km