Race bibs

You must race with your own race bib. If you run with another person’s bib and you have not formally transferred that bib with the organiser, you will be disqualified and the organiser is not responsible for you on the course. Moreover, if you run with another person’s bib you endanger yourself and others as the organiser will not have your medical records or your emergency contact.

The course

  • You must complete the marked course on foot under your own power.
  • You must stay on the marked course. Short cuts are not permitted. If you get lost return to the last sighted marking.
  • Littering is prohibited.

Results - Timing

Your bib contains an electronic timing chip. You must pass all timing systems on course to get a valid finish time. Failure to do so will result in inspection of the result by the organisers. 

Cut Off Times

  • All participants must adhere to the checkpoint staff instructions regarding cut off times. 
  • For your cut off times, please refer to the course profile for your distance. 
  • The cut-off time is the time you MUST LEAVE the checkpoint, not the time you arrive. 

Emergency / Withdrawal

  • If you are in trouble or need medical assistance on the course you should use the EMERGENCY NUMBER printed on the backside of your race number. Please make contact to the local people and ask to them to speak to our safety team. The locals will be able to tell your exact location to our crew.
  • If you withdraw, you MUST  informed our race team –  call the INFORM DNF number on the back of your race bib or tell our check point staff.

Gear & equipment

  • Your race number must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing and on the front of your body. Do not cover over your race number with any backpack strap or article of clothing.
  • You must carry the mandatory gear at all times during the event. Top 3 runners will have gear checks at the finish line and random checks will be done during the event. Any participant without the mandatory gear will not be able to proceed.
  • The wearing of iPods or other music players with headphones is allowed. However is up to you to use them in a sensible and safe manner so that you must remain aware of your surroundings at all times. You must switch off music at all checkpoints so you can hear directions given to you by event crew. You must also switch off music when traveling on all public roads so you can hear approaching traffic.

*Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty or disqualification. Any such penalties are at the organisers’ discretion and are final.

Outside assistance 10k - 100k

  • For 10k – 100k, outside assistance from supporters is only permitted at the checkpoints.

Qualification 100km

  • To run VMM 100km, you must have previously completed at least one 50km+ ultra mountain marathon* (not a road event) before the race. The race must be an official race, not a virtual race / club run.
  • On registration, please provide a URL link to your qualifying result (VTS results page, ITRA results page, or similar). If you plan to complete a qualifying race between now and race day, you must send us your result by 30 days prior to the race date.
  • Failure to provide evidence of a qualifying past performance will result in refusal of entry.

*Please note we will assess your submitted performance for its level of difficulty and the organiser’s decision is final. A GPX track that is not an official race is not sufficient for qualification.


Please print, read, sign and bring the indemnity form (download HERE) for the race pack collection.