Race pack collection

Starting from VJM May 2019, we use the compostable bag for the race kits. If you can put the entitlements in your backpack, feel free to return the bag to our staff at the kit collection. Thank you!

To pick up your own race kit, you must present:

  • Your Bib Number (informed by email and also available NOW on participant list HERE)
  • Your ID/Passport (original / printed / digital copy);
  • Your signed indemnity (printed copy). Download HERE.


Non-package runners must collect their race pack including bib number as per below details:

(The schedule is subject to change prior to the race.)

Date / NgàyTime / Thời gianPlace / Địa điểmGoogle maps
Wednesday, 12-10-2022
(Thứ tư, 12-10-2022)
8:00 – 19:00Turtle Lake Brewing Company
(Add: 105 Quang Khanh Str., Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi)
Google maps
Friday, 14-10-2022
(Thứ sáu, 14-10-2022)
15:00 – 21:00Pho Doan, Pu Luong (Race location)
(Add: San Van Dong Thon Dong)
Google maps

*Authorized collection: For run-only runners only, you may authorise a representative to collect it on your behalf. Your representative must present following documents during race pack collection:

  • Bib number ((informed by email and also available at participant list 1 week prior to the race date);
  • Your ID/passport (original / printed / digital copy);
  • The representative’s ID/passport (original / printed / digital copy);
  •  Your signed indemnity (printed copy). Download HERE;
  • Letter of authorisation (printed copy). Download HERE


3 Day Package Runners will collect their race pack as below details:

Time: 8:30AM – 11:30AM, Friday, 14-10-2022
Place: Turtle Lake Brewing Company (Add: 105 Quang Khanh Str., Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi) – Google maps (same place for bus pick-up to Pu Luong)

See the 3 day package details here.

All package runners must pick up the race kit yourselves.