Topas Ecolodge - a peaceful and remote hilltop at 1,000m!


Topas Ecolodge is always a special location surrounded by mountains and deep, rice terraced valleys, but on VMM weekend every year it is transformed into a runner’s paradise. Everyone staying at the Topas Ecolodge is there for VMM so everyone has a shared passion for running in the mountains. 

If you choose to stay at Topas Ecolodge you can choose our Topas Ecolodge Travel Packages including all your travel, meals and more.

Infinity Pool

You can take a relaxing dip in the infinity pool at Topas Ecolodge after your long run and take in the majestic mountain views. We have 3 types of swimming pools, saltwater pools, warm water pools and jacuzzis.

Pool Villa

Every individual Pool Villa has stunning views of the surrounding Sapa mountains and valleys from its veranda space and swimming pool. The interior is decorated with tasteful Scandinavian accents.

The Pool Villas are separated from the rest of the resort to provide the utmost privacy.

*Please note, Pool Villa is most suitable for for couples/families.

Suite Bungalow

Spacious yet cozy, our Suites are built in a two-storey chalet style and decorated with premium wooden furniture and stylish accents.

Located on the far-end of the resort, all suites offer breathtaking views of the towering mountains, sturdy pine trees, and deep rice terraced valleys from the comfort of a private balcony. 

Premium Executive Bungalow

Each premium executive bungalow exudes a rustic coziness from the sturdy stone walls, plush bed in neutral tones, wooden furniture, and large private balcony overlooking the mountains and valleys outside.

Situated on the far-end of the resort for maximum privacy amidst nature. 

Kindly note….

We are an ecolodge and as much as possible try to reduce single-use plastics within the property. Help us with our mission by bringing your own toothbrush and toiletries to keep the environment protected in our little slice of heaven. 

Of course, if you forget, we always have some back-ups available – but if we all do our part, the world will be such a better place, right? 

Stay in Sapa Town

Sapa Town is located 18km from Topas Ecolodge, which is around 1 hour driving.

Many of VMM activities will take place at Sapa Square – Google maps , including: EXPO – race kit collection, Opening & Closing Ceremony, 10/21k start line, bus drop-off from finish….

As a famous destination for both international and domestic visitors, Sapa offers a wide range of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets.

Here we also provide the inclusive packages for your most convenient travel to the race.

Public transport: electric vehicle, taxi, rented motorbike