Company Cup Challenges

Join Vietnam’s toughest outdoor events as a corporate team and compete with other companies in our two Company Cup Challenges.

Distance Challenge Cup

The winner of the Distance Challenge Cup will be the team with the most kilometers completed.

Therefore one 100km runner is worth ten 10km runners… your company many not have many employees, but perhaps there are many hardcore staff and you can still win!

The cup will be presented at the winning company’s HQ following the race.

Note: only finishers will be counted – DNF runner KMs will not be added to the company total.

High Performance Cup

The winner of the High Performance Cup will be the team with the highest average number of Vietnam Trail Series points scored.

The cup will be presented to the winning team at their company HQ by a Topas representative.

To enter the High Performance Cup contest, a company team must have at least 10 finishers.

How to enter

To register your company team and benefit from a group discount of up to 10% as well as discounts on expo booth rental, simply email and our team will guide you through registration and create a one time, group payment gateway.