With more than 80 years of experience, Suunto – the world’s leading manufacturer of GPS watches, sports watches, and compasses,… is becoming a favorite brand. Products such as Suunto 3, Suunto 5, Suunto 7, and Suunto 9 have long been effective “assistants” for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

It is impossible not to mention the duo Suunto 5 Peak and Suunto 9 Peak, with many outstanding features compared to their predecessors, these are definitely the ideal smartwatches for active people!

1. Suunto 5 Peak – The revolution of sports watches.

It is no exaggeration when Suunto 5 Peak is considered the new revolution of Suunto. With an attractive price, Suunto 5 Peak still owns a dynamic, lightweight design with modern features and technology, making it easy to track all exercises and progress in your practice.

Convenient compact design:

Suunto 5 Peak has a fairly compact design with a weight of only 39g, equipped with stainless steel and fiber reinforced polycarbonate, waterproof feature.

Users can safely participate in adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, terrain running, and mountain climbing … without worrying about the watch being damaged, scratched, or bumped.

Sensor technology helps to understand users:

In addition to 80 customizable modes of operation, Suunto 5 Peak is also equipped with the ability to measure heart rate and accurate GPS, to help track exercise levels based on the collected information and provide a method to set the target, leading the user through personalized exercises.

At rest, the Suunto 5 Peak provides users with post-workout heart rate data and suggested customizations for quick recovery.

Users can also track sleep stages to improve routines in accordance with sleep and stress breakdowns.

With a series of features above, Suunto 5 Peak helps users to understand themselves to the “root of their hair”, thereby establishing a healthy lifestyle and a flexible exercise schedule, suitable for their interests and fitness.


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2. Suunto 9 Peak – Enduring energy always by your side

The Suunto 9 Peak is a multi-sport GPS smartwatch with the most changes in style and language from Suunto. However, the Suunto 9 Peak still delivers great features, with up to 170 hours of battery life, strong enough to take the arduous workouts and harshest adventures with you.


Slim Elegant Design:

Compared to its predecessor Suunto 9 Baro, the new model is streamlined 37% thinner, and 36% lighter, Since then, the watch has been dressed in a luxurious Nordic style, suitable for many different hand sizes.

The watch has a basic 1.2-inch LCD screen, with glass made entirely from high-grade sapphire and a durable titanium bezel, which increases resistance. Therefore, you will feel more secure when wearing the watch to go skiing and trekking,…

Active Matrix LCD screen technology with LED Backlight for high brightness and contrast, true color even when outdoors. The bottom edge of the watch face is equipped with a light sensor that automatically measures and adjusts the screen brightness to balance the visibility, thereby also saving more battery.


Accurate GPS features and more than 80 training modes:

The Suunto 9 Peak smartwatch is enhanced with positioning and navigation capabilities thanks to the advanced system of 5 satellites Beidou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS, and QZSS. Therefore, Suunto 9 Peak will automatically set up the correct path, minimizing the risk of getting lost during trail runs.

As a device for professional sports users, Suunto 9 Peak is indispensable for health monitoring features. Equipped with modern sensors that allow sleep monitoring, 24-hour heart rate, calorie counting, and stress level, … continuously help sports players to easily plan to adjust volume and Practice time that suits them.

Similar to its brother Suunto 5 Peak, 9 Peak is also diversely equipped with more than 80 sports training modes from basic to advanced such as hiking, running, cycling, skiing, and swimming,…

Users can also connect the application with Strava, Endomondo, TrainingPeaks, Relive,… to share their training process and learn from experience.


4 smart battery modes with 170 hours of battery life:

The biggest highlight of the Suunto 9 Peak is its incredible battery life. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, the usage time can be up to 14 days if continuous tracking is turned off, 7 days in normal use mode, especially 156 hours of continuous operation when GPS is turned on. in Tour mode equates to 1 week with no refunds, making your tours more visible. In addition, the watch also gives fast charging speed when it will be full after 1 hour.


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More than what a smartwatch can bring, the duo Suunto 5 Peak and Suunto 9 Peak deserve to become companions on all roads of the conquest of followers who love to exercise and explore.

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