42km - Full Marathon

42km | +2,500 m

Race date: Saturday, 21 November 2020

Bus depart to start: please see the program for your package

Race start: 7:00 AM, 21/11/2020

CUT-OFF: 3:30PM (CP5) – 5:30PM (CP6) – 7:30PM (CP7) – No total cut-off time at finish line

Finish: Topas Ecolodge – Google maps

Qualification: Open to experienced runners at least 18 years old on race day. It is recommended you have completed at least 1 half marathon.

This is a very hard but stunning Mountain Marathon for the experienced runner who is looking for a tough challenge. The trails will lead you off the beaten track to areas which are rarely visited by anyone but locals.

First you will warm up by running uphill a few kilometers on a remote asphalt road before heading onto a new uphill trail section for 2019. You will pass through some farmland and rose gardens before gaining serious altitude on trails at around 2,300m.

In good weather you will have stunning panoramic views of the mountains, including Fansipan. You will also be looking down at Vietnam’s highest road pass way, way beneath you!

After descending on trail with amazing rice terrace views to Ta Phin (CP4) you will head onto more new trail on your way to CP6 where you will meet up with the 21k runners. Here you will experience yet more updated trail with incredible valley and rice paddy views.  

After CP7 the infamous Silverstone climb on steep trail awaits, but your reward at the top is one of the best vistas of the course. Then it’s time for the final hard downhill and the race to the finish line and the stunning welcome from the other runners at Topas Ecolodge, located on a beautiful hilltop. Here you can relax and enjoy the feeling of triumph together with all the other mountain runners.

Expect your will be about double compared to a flat race. Therefore you must bring water and extra energy. If you are still racing at 5:30 PM and do not have a headlamp, you will be cut off.

Choose your race distance

Standard fee
Add Sunday 10km -
No T-shirt (USD)
Add Sunday 15km -
No T-shirt (USD)
Add Sunday 21km -
No T-shirt (USD)
Cự ly đăng ký
Phí đăng kýThêm cự ly 10km -
Không thêm áo chạy
Thêm cự ly 15km -
Không thêm áo chạy
Thêm cự ly 21km -
Không thêm áo chạy
10km 35N/AN/A N/A
21km Sunday119N/AN/AN/A
21km Saturday 1292540See below / Xem hàng dưới
21km Saturday + 21km Sunday220N/AN/AN/A
42km 1392540109
70km 1692540109
100km 1892540109

We also offer various 3-day and 4-day add-on packages, including transport to and from Hanoi, your accommodation and your meals.

Sapa Travel Packages

PACKAGE / GÓIDATE / NGÀYHOTEL / KHÁCH SẠNRunner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân) (USD)Runner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân) (USD)Children /
Trẻ em (4-12 years old, extra bed)
Single Supplement /
Phụ phí phòng riêng (USD)
Phase one - Until Oct 20 or when sold out
(Giai đoạn 1 - Mở tới 20/10 hoặc khi hết suất)
Phase two - Oct 21 onward
(Giai đoạn 2 - Mở từ 21/10)
3-day Hotel + Bus only 20-22/11/2020Muong Thanh Sapa891196540
3-day Deluxe Inclusive20-22/11/2020Sapa Highland Resort15918912060
4-day Deluxe Inclusive 19-22/11/2020Sapa Highland Resort23926918090

Topas Ecolodge Travel Packages

PACKAGE / GÓIDATE / NGÀYRunner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân) (USD)Runner / Supporter (VĐV / Người thân) (USD)Single Supplement / Phụ phí phòng đơn (USD)Children /
Trẻ em (4-12 years old, extra bed) (USD)
Phase one - Until Oct 20 or when sold out
(Giai đoạn 1 - Mở tới 20/10 hoặc khi hết suất)
Phase two - Oct 21 onward
(Giai đoạn 2 - Mở từ 21/10)
Premium Bungalow: 3-DAY PACKAGE20-22/11/2020299399200145
Premium Bungalow: 4-DAY PACKAGE19-22/11/2020449549300215
SUITE Bungalow: 3-DAY PACKAGE20-22/11/2020409509290190
SUITE Bungalow: 4-DAY PACKAGE19-22/11/2020599699435285

VMM20 42km is a 2-point qualifying race for ITRA and UTMB®.