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Emma Pooley Q&A

I simply love being in the mountains, and out in nature. The beauty of the surroundings is, literally, awe-inspiring. It makes me happy to be in those beautiful places. Read post

Trung’s Treadmill 160k+

I’d like to send a message to my running friends that do not be discouraged by the lack of training or low volumes.

Ha Thi Hau, VTS Champ

Winning or losing in every race has to do a lot with my own efforts and perseverance.

Q & A: Simon Grimstrup – Everesting World Record Holder

It is also important that you are really motivated! Motivated from the inside to do something that will put a big stress on you...

Q & A with Valentin Orange, VTM Champ

I signed up for VMM 42KM without knowing that it would change my life!

Q & A with Jasmin Paris – World Champ and Record Breaker

ultra-races are a bit like a non-stop picnic, as long as you can keep eating, and are looking after yourself in terms of warmth...

Nguyen Thuy Dung, VJM and VMM Champ

The only secret to success, everyone knows, is training hard but to train hard requires a very high effort!

Q and A: Quang Nguyen

Running is the simplest sport to enhance community health and bring a healthy lifestyle.

Đỗ Trọng Nhơn – VJM Champ

With running, I only ‘get’ and do not ‘lose’ anything.

Q & A with Champion, Quang Tran

Given a functioning body, anyone can run - running is the simplest activity and an instinct of human beings.