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Henrink - 100 miles - Spain

How to survive the Vietnam Mountain Marathon 100 miles?

If you have signed up for Vietnam Mountain Marathon, or indeed another 100-mile race, you need to be prepared and then execute a good strategy on race day. Here, ultra runner and Topas team member Henrik Leth Jorgensen gives some advice based on his extensi... Read post

Q&A: Nho Hoai – Vietnam Trail Marathon 70KM Ultra Champion

Going from a stressed, quiet person, to an ultra runner full of life and enthusiasm.

Winners Crowned at Vietnam Trail Marathon in Harvest Season

Today is my 38th birthday so I am very happy to win the race

From Street Kid to CEO and Ultra Runner 

We can only do this with support from the community. 

Nhon’s Project RUN100 For Operation Smile

With running, I find myself changing every day, both physically and mentally.

100 Miles in Soc Son

If you want to go far, go together

Blue Dragon Vi’s 72k Indoor Ultra

Last weekend Vi completed an ultra marathon indoors for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. For Vi, this was a very personal cha...

Emma Pooley Q&A

I simply love being in the mountains, and out in nature. The beauty of the surroundings is, literally, awe-inspiring. It makes ...

Trung’s Treadmill 160k+

I’d like to send a message to my running friends that do not be discouraged by the lack of training or low volumes.

Q & A: Harry Jones

When I started running on the trails it opened up another side to running that felt far more natural and exciting than running ...