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Q and A – Masami Nakamura

When I become 70 years old in 2020, I’d like to try the first 70 km in my life on the trail Read post

Q&A with Tieu Phuong Nguyen

I believe that when you prioritize something, you definitely find your time for it and for me, my priority is the sport.

Q and A – Ambassador Giles Lever

Trail running requires much stronger quad muscles than road running

Q & A: Trang Hạ – The running writer

When I move on my feet, the world seems to become more friendly

Q & A – Kim Jisub, South Korea’s trail speed machine

The trail offered a unique opportunity I’ve never experienced before

Q and A with Kim Matthews

Remember to enjoy the experience, because no doubt you will meet wonderful people and be surrounded by incredible scenes that w...

10 Questions with Tran Duy Quang

VMM 100km is really tough, but very worth the effort.

10 Questions with Cao Ngoc Ha

Before starting full marathon running, I was just a normal person

Q and A: Nathalie Cochet

Running has many benefits including persistence, discipline, and determination to take new challenges.

Evelyn Lek – Rapid Rise to Ultra Victory

The longer distance I run, it allows me to enter into that place and explore myself and explore my mind and body on actually ho...