Partners - Sponsors

Elite Fitness is Official Fitness Partner for Vietnam Trail Marathon 2019.

Founded in 2010, Elite Fitness – an international standard fitness chain led by BIM Group – has opened 15 clubs in Vietnam. Its mission is to provide expert-led heath and fitness services for the community.
Visit Elite Fitness Facebook page here and their Website here.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital is Medial Partner for Vietnam Trail Marathon 2019.

Founded in 2003, Hong Ngoc Hospital’s goal is to improve people’s health and provide high quality health care to the community. Their mission is to bring high-class healthcare to Vietnam at the prices that the patients could afford.

Visit their Facebook page here and website page here.

Hammer Nutrition is the Energy Drink Partner of Vietnam Trail Marathon 2019. Hammer Nutrition is an endurance sports nutrition company founded in 1987 in USA. Hammer Nutrition provides unparalleled products, knowledge, and service to health conscious athletes all over the world.

Suunto is our Navigation Partner for Vietnam Trail Marathon 2019. Born in Finland more than 80 years ago, Suunto equips and inspires outdoor adventurers to conquer new territory.

Charity Partner

Newborns Vietnam provides bespoke neonatal nurse training and medical education programmes. These training programmes are developed and delivered in partnership with British higher education institutions and NHS teaching hospitals, local health providers and medical training colleges.

Other Partners