We all love the mountains and the great outdoors – that is why we are here. We are thankful that the vast majority of mountain runners will not drop litter and spoil this area.

However, if you do drop litter, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED and your race BIB REMOVED.

Be particularly careful with gel wrappers and gel wrapper TOPS (do not spit them out onto the ground).

Please help us keep the trails clean and respect the environment. 

Race Number must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing and on the front of your body.

Mandatory Gear must be carried at all times during the event. Random checks will be carried out.


Bag Drop 

Homestay and Topas Riverside Lodge runners: Drop your bag at Topas Riverside Lodge

Topas Ecolodge runners: drop your bag at the start.


Route Marking: We use red and white tape. We do not follow a specific distance between the markings as it is dependent on the trail.


If you are lost, do not run for a long time without seeing a marking. Run/walk back to the last place you saw marking. If you cannot find it, please call the emergency number on the back of your race bib. Use your whistle to attract attention.


Withdrawal: You must inform us if you withdraw. Run/walk to the nearest CP. Expect to wait a while for pick up.


Emergency: Call the number on the back of your race bib. Ask a local for help if possible.  If you are simply tired, please rest, eat/drink and continue to the nearest CP.


Change of Route: The Race Director or Head of Trails can change the route before and during the race if necessary – follow the markings.


DNF Pickup: If you DNF at a checkpoint you will be picked up there and taken to Topas Riverside Lodge.



Dehydration: Make sure that you drink plenty of water, use your own hydration mix and use the HAMMER at the checkpoints. Please stop and buy a soft drink in the small village shops along the route if you are feeling low. Carry some small notes (10k/20k) for this.


Steep sections: We will inform you before the very steep sections, but you are also responsible for being aware and watching out for dangers. Slow down and take care.


Sun: Please make sure that you are protected against the sun. Wear sunscreen, a cap and sunglasses.


Under-eating: It is easy to forget to eat on a long run when you are tired. Remember to keep eating and keep your energy up!