VMM Nam Cang is organised by the Danish & Vietnamese Topas Group, founded in 1973. 

We are passionate about the outdoors and our events are organised by adventure lovers for adventure lovers.

We founded Vietnam Mountain Marathon (VMM) in 2013 and Vietnam Jungle Marathon was added in 2017. The first VTM was added in 2019 and VMM Nam Cang followed in 2021. 

Our series supports development in the local area as all long distance runners donate to charitable work via their entry fee. Over the years, donations in Sapa have gone to Sapa O Chau, Operation Smile, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation and Newborns Vietnam.

Funds are also used for projects in villages along the route, for example a school house has been constructed to vastly improve the education conditions for children living in the mountains. Another school which we have built new classrooms for is the site of a checkpoint on this race, so you can see our work first-hand. 

Our hope is that you and your supporters and friends will enjoy this mountainous experience as much as we do while helping to contribute to its sustainable development.