About VMM Nam Cang

The Topas Vietnam Trail Series began in 2013 with the Vietnam Mountain Marathon in Sapa. The Sapa mountains are therefore the ‘home’ of trail running for us. 

We have long dreamed about creating a second mountain run here using different trails and incorporating the high mountain ridge route from Sapa to ‘Mount Silverstone’ / Lech Mong village, as well as the great trails in the remote Nam Cang valley.

The 52k includes a significant section of the VMM 100 Mile route. This means it’s not only a chance for 100 mile runners to test it, but also a chance for those who will never run 100 miles to see it!2

The 32k route includes high, remote trails through grand rice terraces down toward the Nam Cang valley area, where the 12km begins. This 12km section is incredibly beautiful, passing through a number of different ethnic minority villages and stunning valleys. 

The Topas Team is excited to welcome fellow mountain runners to some alternative trails of Sapa.