The 12km

Download the .gpx file HERE.
You can check out the Google Maps for the event with the key locations HERE.

Race date: 01-08-2020
Race start: 09:30
Departure to start from Nam Cang: 09:00
Start line:
Thanh Phu Village (Lien Minh Commune, Sapa)
Finish line: Topas Riverside Lodge
Cut-off time: CP2 (2:30PM)

Your race begins at Thanh Phu village, home of the Tay people. Many Topas staff have family here, so you may see some familiar faces. From here you will run along a beautiful hidden valley on clay trail used by the villagers and their buffalo.

After a paved section you will reach Nam Nhiu village (home of the Red Dao minority) and your first checkpoint where you can refill water and get some fruits.

The next section is breathtaking. The trail runs through the middle of the valley which will be full of harvest-ready golden rice, the postcard-perfect terraces dotted with bamboo huts. After crossing a small bridge that was built with support from Topas Travel, you climb a steep hill heading to Nam Than village of the Blue H’mong people.

You soon will complete your race with a great jungle section – this is hard and uphill and will make your finish feeling all the sweeter as you cross the suspension bridge finish line at race HQ, Topas Riverside Lodge, before a well earned cool down in the river.